WATCH: Jody Wilson-Raybould Says She Hopes For “Opportunity To Speak My Truth,” Before Trudeau Votes Against Letting Her Speak Freely About PMO Scandal

“Privilege and confidentiality are not mine to waive” says Wilson-Raybould.

In a statement before votes in the House of Commons, Jody Wilson-Raybould spoke.

Here’s what she said:

“I understand fully that Cdns want to know the truth & want transparency. Privilege & confidentiality are not mine to waive & I hope that I have the opportunity to speak my truth.”

It’s a move that took lots of integrity.

Yet, right after her comments and decision to abstain from the votes, Justin Trudeau voted against giving her the ability to speak, as he and the Liberals voted against waiving privilege.

So, Trudeau is free to keep on talking and voting, while not allowing Jody Wilson-Raybould that same freedom.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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They are all in bed together. JWR has thought this through and decided her future with the Liberal party is more important than telling Canadians what really happened. Smoke and mirrors. So what else is new in Canada?

Ron Shaw

No Canadian should ever believe a word Justin Trudeau says or for that matter anything the present liberal government says . The government of Canada is broken and cannot be trusted , this government is corrupt and everything they say or do will now looked at as lies and untrue . So sad to see Canada sink to third world government standards . I truly am disappointed with our prime minister and his bad actor henchmen supporting a drama queen PM masquerading as our top government leader . Canadians need to take our Canada back from this elitist socialist and… Read more »

Don Taylor

The move by Turdeau is just making the stupid lieberals look more Guilty than they already are


He needs to be forced out he is the biggest crook I know never anwsers a question every thing he says is the same sentence every time about any thing he has to go


Sorry but….for some reason I don”t buy her talk. I do think she has integrity, in her own way, but she still is a progressive, a Liberal, and that is my concern. It is quite terrible to feel this way, but her primary ideology is quite contrary to mine, and I find it quite uncomfortable.


I am getting annoyed that the liberal mps including JWR are prevented from speaking out. They dont get that they all employees of the public and when their employers canadians, want answers from JWR, her duty is to us. Allowing her dictator justin to dictate to her, she should have stood there on the floor of the house looking straight her employee leader then faced the cameras revealing every thing. Instead, she looked meek and defeated. The longer she keeps quiet, the more muddler this own corruption takes root. For a lawyer, she should have smell a rat the moment… Read more »