BREAKING: Gerald Butts Wants To Testify At Justice Committee

Will Butts be sent out to back up Trudeau’s shaky narrative?

Trudeau’s former top adviser Gerald Butts says he wants to testify at the justice committee.

In a letter sent to the chair of the committee that he shared on Twitter, Butts said that he believes his “evidence will be of assistance…”

The letter can be read below:

It’s unknown what Butts will say, however it’s likely he would be backing up Trudeau’s narrative – a narrative that almost nobody believes in comparison to Jody Wilson-Raybould’s highly credible testimony.

Spencer Fernando

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Ralph Knapp

I believe if Butts testifies, Trudeau will either resign or want to testify to “clarify.”

Don Taylor

why should Butts be allowed to say any thing,he is an outsider and A close friend of the corrupt PM

don morris

Why bother,why waste our time and money? We know now that Trudeau and the LPC are desperate to put on a show to deflect from the fact they pressured the A-G in a criminal prosecution, a serious violation of the law, for which some people should go to jail. Canada doesn’t need more theater, no one believes anything Trudeau or Butts say on this. Trudeau might as well bring his Mom to testify to his good character. Repeating the lie does NOT make it the truth,and with Butts or any of the other sleazoids in the PMO,lies are all we… Read more »

Robert Anes

Well, LYING is common with the Trudeau “government.” I BELIEVE Jody was speaking the truth. As for Gerals Butts: There must be a reason why he quit, so I hope he will back Jody up.


given his past, NOTHING he can say will be convincing to me

pancake rachel corrie

If this takes down the two wings of the same bird , only good can come of it


Cool, the ideologue devil can bring with him the 80K he ripped off from the Canadian taxpayers for moving

Moe S.

Jody Wilson-Raybould testimony has shaken the foundation of our international reputation as a country based on the rule of law. Thanks to Gerald Butts, Trudeau, and the other henchmen, China now knows the Liberal gov’t can indeed interfere with Canada’s rule of law. At this point in the scandal, what unelected Gerald Butts has to say is irrelevant.

Shawn Brake

He’s only doing that so he can lie for Trudeau butts is going to try to cover it up for his buddy let’s hope the cops get involved first