WATCH: Justin Trudeau’s ‘Answer’ After Rempel Asks About SNC-Lavalin Allegedly Procuring Prostitutes For Muammar Gaddafi’s Son Was A Sickening Disgrace

‘Woke’ PM now defending the indefensible.

There have been reports alleging that SNC-Lavalin procured $30,000 worth of Canadian prostitutes in an attempt to bribe the son of former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

It’s only the latest of many bribery allegations and charges against SNC-Lavalin.

In Question Period, Conservative MP Michelle Rempel asked Justin Trudeau directly about it.

She asked “When did the Prime Minister become aware that SNC-Lavalin paid for prostitutes for Moammar Gaddafi’s son?”

Justin Trudeau’s answer was horrendous:

What is he talking about?

Why didn’t he even come close to addressing the question?

Even most of his own MPs didn’t seem too pleased, if you look carefully at their faces as he speaks.

What happened to Mr. ‘woke’ ‘feminist’ Trudeau?

He’s now defending the indefensible, showing that a company enmeshed in corruption probes is his top priority, instead of the Canadian people.

What a sickening disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube


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Elizabeth Thorne

Let’s have an investigation into why Christine Douglas-Williams was throw off the Heritage Committee –Spearheaded by Iqra Khalid and Joly. What rot.


He’s a sad excuse for a Prime Minister.


It looks like Trudeau is batting 1000. We get yet another string of words from him that have nothing to do with the Question. Is that what we can expect in upcoming investigations? Swearing another Oath would be as meaningless to him as the one he swore after the last election on being sworn in as PM.

Since Trudeau, the Liberal House Leader and all their Ministers seem incapable of responding with intelligent and relevant answers, it might be helpful if various other Liberal Members were asked to respond. Surely someone on the Liberal side can.


Although I did not vote for Mr. Trudeau, I can’t help but feel like a part of the Canadian “people kind” that was fooled by the boyish charm… unfortunately a liberal, much like a leopard, doesn’t change its spots…


Trudeau and his other corrupt MPs wanted to keep SNC going because they contributed big to the Liberal Party. If Clifford Olsen donated the same amount of money to them he would be have walked free.

Terry Ell

What a disgrace he is !! RESIGN YOU CORRUPTED POS !!


We could replace Trudeau with an message machine that keeps repeating, or a Woody cowboy doll that repeats the same message when you pull its string


Did you know that an inability to understand questions directed to an individual and consequently not being able to focus enough to answer appropriately in a mental competence or cognitive assessment, is considered highly dysfunctional and indicative of major mental illness?