Nathan Cullen Announces He Won’t Run In 2019

It’s a big loss for the NDP and for Canadian Politics.

Nathan Cullen’s announcement that he won’t be running in 2019 is bad news for the NDP.

He is the latest in a long-line of NDP MPs, including Murray Rankin, who won’t be running in the upcoming federal election.

Cullen – often seen as a potential leader of the NDP – is one of the NDPs most effective MPs. His skill in grilling the PM and government, and ability to logically define problems is quite rare in a hyper-partisan era, and even when his colleagues disagreed with him there was a level of respect.

Most recently, Cullen could be seen ripping the Trudeau Liberals over the PMO SNC-Lavalin scandal.

It’s yet another sign that – despite Jagmeet Singh’s win in Burnaby South – things aren’t looking good for the NDP and their candidates know it.

While Trudeau’s troubles may give Singh a lifeline, the more departures that get announced the tougher it will be for him to convince more people to run for his party.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I am not NDP, but have a lot of admiration for Mr. Cullen as a person and as a politician. He will be sorely missed in Canadian politics.

Robert Rice

There are good politicians in all parties, even a few in the liberals. It is sad when these good people who are truly for Canada and Canadians, whether we agree with them or not, decide to leave. I did not always agree with Nathan Cullen, but he did have some good ideas. He is a Canadian for Canadians. We need people like him in government and in opposition, I am sorry to see him go.

Colyne Gibbons

It would appear Mr. Cullen is a man of personal & political integrity. This does not sell very well in the current Liberal led environment. Corruption in Quebec politics is as natural as breathing. It is expected.

don morris

The departure of Cullen and Rankin plus 11 others is unfortunate for the NDP and probably even worse for the CPC, as the Left votes will go Liberal first, Green second or just stay home and not vote at all. It’s evident the rank and file Dippers aren’t very happy about their new leader and recognize he may take the Party down to under official Party status, ie less than 12 seats. Unless Singh turns out to be the greatest orator since Disraeli, the NDP is in tough, especially in Quebec. We shall see when the House resumes in a… Read more »