Canada Must Ground All Boeing 737 MAX 8’s Until Cause Of Crashes Found

In fewer than 5 months, two Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes have crashed.

Following the crash of an Ethipian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 – the second such crash in the past five months of that model plane – countries around the world are grounding the plane.

In fact, over 40% of all Boeing 737 MAX 8’s currently in service have been grounded.

Our allies in the UK just banned the plane from their airspace.

And aviation experts are ‘divided’ on whether they are confident in the plane.

Of course if experts are divided on whether a plane should be flying, who would want to get on that plane?

Making this more concerning is that the MAX 8 is a new plane. This isn’t a situation where an old model of plane is crashing, these are two crashes (a very high number considering how rare plane crashes are) of the same model of plane, and a new plane at that.

And while the Canadian government says they aren’t banning the plane, that decision must be reconsidered and reversed.

We simply can’t have confidence in the plane until Boeing explains what the cause of the crash was. If the cause has to do with failures in the design, then those failures must be fixed before the plane is allowed to fly again.

18 Canadians died in the Ethiopian Airlines crash, and we can’t put more Canadians at risk.

All Boeing 737 MAX 8’s must be grounded.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube