DISGUSTING: Trudeau Liberal Cover-Up In Full Force As They SHUT DOWN Justice Committee

The Conservatives and NDP wanted to give Jody Wilson-Raybould the chance to speak freely without any privilege being imposed on her. In a disgusting and disturbing act, the Trudeau Liberals shut the meeting down.

In a stunning and disgusting act, the Trudeau Liberals launched into a full-scale cover-up of the SNC-Lavalin Trudeau PMO Scandal.

The Justice Committee was holding an emergency meeting to discuss giving Jody Wilson-Raybould the chance to speak to the Committee – this time with her privilege fully lifted, which would let her speak about everything – including what happened after she was removed as Attorney General.

But instead of letting a democratic and open discussion and vote take place on that issue, the Liberals shut down the meeting, using the majority to ram through the shut down.

It’s an absolute disgrace and it’s appalling.

It’s an anti-democratic cover-up, and shows the Trudeau Liberals are now fully trying to shut down the truth and deny answers to the Canadian People.

This is absolutely disgusting, and this government has no moral authority and has no right to impose anything on the Canadian People.

All that the Conservatives and NDP wanted was for Jody Wilson-Raybould to be able to speak freely and respond to what Butts and Wernick said about her.

By denying her that opportunity, and by shutting down the committee, the Trudeau Liberals have shown their total contempt for democracy, contempt for the truth, and contempt for Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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pancake rachel corrie

are we yet in full on totalitarianism?


As typically happens, the cover-up exponentially multiplies the negative consequences of the original misdeed.


Been trying to post things to Facebook, “unavailable at this time” Sounds like the Liberal govt. What I don’t get is how the govt can shut down an investigation into “its own govt”. How is that even possible?? The Ethics Commisioner “just happens” to need medical leave?? Now???? This is blatant conflict of interest and no one seems to be able to do anything about it? Can the Libs prevent a RCMP investigation or are they the ones that have to initiate it? Again, conflict of interest. I think we have a LOT of laws written by dirty politicians to… Read more »


Interesting question – Can the Liberals prevent an RCMP investigation? It seems Canada is rapidly turning into a version of Venezuela. Does the PM have the authority to ban or delay an election if he feels like it?


Ron you said it right, this is an emergency for our whole country and way of life, e a loosing Canada to a regime, I hope we will still be able to have a real election Oct. things are looking worse.

David MacKAY

Quote: “This is blatant conflict of interest and no one seems to be able to do anything about it?” Make the paradigm shift to viewing Trudeau as a dictator and it will all make sens and you will have the answers to your every question.


Unbelievable! Shutting down the Justice Committee by the Liberals to have a “BEHIND CLOSED DOORS” Meeting next Tuesday absolutely tells all Canadians how CORRUPT the Liberal Party is. There won’t be any cameras. If there is even one more Liberal MP who has integrity and is honest, he/she should resign. Trudeau and his Band of Monkeys must think that Canadians are gullible and just plain stupid. Canadians will get to the truth. Trudeau and the Liberals are accountable to Canadians and we will hold you to account. Trudeau and his Liberal Thugs are in for a Surprise!!

R. Vanoldenbarneveld

We can not repost the artical, What a total disgrace this LIBERAL GOVERNMENT IS, UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

Ralph Knapp

I can’t believe anyone is the least bit surprised at this latest Trudeau caper.
The fact that it’s a cover up and anti democratic wouldn’t bother him a bit. That’s the way he governs.


Really a sad day for democracy, thank you Spencer for bringing us truthful front page media, that is not front page in mainstream paid lieberal news, I searched and could find little mentions only. CTV did have a video you could play and watch it, but no story as of yet. Of course, Spencer Fernando.com has it, and has started the conversation already.

This is simply another indication of the outdated, flawed, wasteful, useless and undemocratic way the political party system has operated since 1867. We In Alberta have no choice but TO SEPARATE AND FORM OUR OWN INDEPENDENT NATION free of the Monarchy and free of the political party and electoral system which has been foisted upon us by Quebec and Ontario. We are now CRYING OUT to GET OUT! Help!

Don Morgan

Once we here in Alberta become or own Nation, these deadbeat Liberals, and their phony fake court! won’t matter! Don’t forget why we were forced to leave! Our Relatives fought for Canada for the love of our Country, but what Trudeau and these deadbeat Liberals have done is not forgiveable! Trudeau is a lying rat a total manipulator and Liar!
Well guess what he can stay in Quebec see how well you do without the tranfer payments!
Alberta should have left this Eastern caused mess 50 years ago, Quebec wants to treat Alberta badly well screw you!


The liberal committee members should be wary of their actions on the SNC file. Perhaps they missed the news that OECD just announced Monday it is closely monitoring the situation including the Justice committee meetings. Continued interference will not make the problem go away.


Disgusting is too mild a description. As one MP, sorry forgot who, said the Justice Committee should be called the Justin Committee. But what did voters expect from a person who openly stated before he was elected that he “admired China’s basic dictorship”…..did everyone think he would change his sentiments after being voted in as PM. JT is so transparent. It is the voters who are blind, deaf and in denial.


Jody Wilson Raybould’s lawyer needs to speak up for her or let her speak ‘ to clear her name, her purpose as AG, or else, the media will turn all her findings/ her work and loyalty to the crown into mush, casting her as something or another for not obeying her master, Justin Trudeau. The media would do anything and everything in their power to protect their corrupt liberal gov, they have become part of the liberal corruption, they bow to no one other than the corrupt liberal govs. What amazes me, is where are the aboriginals to defend her?… Read more »


Spencer I think all will be interested in this article


You can go back years and years to libtard corruption.With trudope 2 it was all learned behaviour from trudope 1 about the in and outs of socialist tactics written by Saul Alinski ‘s rules for radicals.Ignorant dictators like the trudope’s have know feelings about your everyday citizens as long they can show the power over innocent people.Will the rcmp investigate the many wrong doings since coming to power including the mishandling of the last election.No,All libtards have this thirst for power when given by the indoctrinated population.Just look south of the border.Should I say that almost all or maybe it’s… Read more »