Catherine McKenna Faces Growing Backlash For Gross Politicization Of New Zealand Mosque Shooting

Canadians are outraged that she tried to use the horrific tragedy to score political points against Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives.

Recently, I reported on this disgusting Tweet from Catherine McKenna:

“I spoke to parents at Ottawa Main Mosque today whose kids are too scared to pray & go to school. In Canada. Meanwhile Andrew Scheer has to be called out before he can call out Islamophobia. We all need to stand together against racism, hatred & violence of all kinds. All of us.”

It was an absolutely disgusting move by McKenna, as she’s trying to use the aftermath of a tragedy to score political points.

And she’s facing a big backlash for the comments, as you can see in how people responded to her online:

That’s just a sample of how Canadians are responding, as McKenna’s comment continues to elicit outrage and cause more anger and division.

We are seeing clear as day that the Trudeau Liberals intend to divide Canadians and tear the country apart in order to try and win the next election, and all Canadians must stand against their divisive and dangerous tactics.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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