New Poll Showing Canadians Pessimistic About Economy Is Clear Indictment Of Trudeau’s Failed Economic Policies

More Canadians expect the economy to worsen.

A new Angus Reid poll shows Canadians are pessimistic about the economy, with a plurality expecting it to worsen.

40% say they expect the economy to worsen in the next year, while just 24% expect it to improve. 39% say it won’t change.

And when it comes to our personal financial situations, Canadians are even more pessimistic.

55% say it will be a “bad time to make a major purchase” over the next year, while 29% say it will be a “good time.” 16% say they aren’t sure or can’t say.

This is a clear and total indictment of Justin Trudeau’s economic policies.

After all the taxes, all the budget deficits, and all the broken promises, Canada is worse off than ever, and Canadians can see that the economy only works for Trudeau’s elitist cronies, and is failing for the rest of us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Ralph Knapp

Let’s face it, Trudeau has no clue with respect to economics except the spending part. Morneau is a puppet, so, deficit and debt will be the plan. Well done, Trudeau voters.


What can this pathetic corrupt offer Canadians particularly to Albertans that he already destroyed. He purposely stopped all function of pipelines and increased Quebec’s jobs and equalization. So this budget is just another vote buying for their selective friends with pretense that seniors and women to get money, blah blah blah.


More than 50% of my investments have been moved out of Canada. This can be reversed when the Liberals get shuffled across the aisle. I simply don’t have much confidence in the future of the Liberal economy. It’s nice to invest in our country, but I have to look after myself.

shawn harris

Trudeau created fear and distress in the public’s mind by constantly attacking small businesses, calling them tax cheats, attacking the oil industry with his never ending quest to phase it out with high taxes, punishing regulations, cancelling pipelines and saying to investors everywhere Canada is closed for business, go away and don’t come back. All of these actions and many more have caused workers and consumers to be afraid of their jobs and spending money. After all Canadians are now paying more in taxes than under Harper and Trudeau is more interested in what happens with Quebec jobs and votes… Read more »


Bankruptcies were up 15% in the second half of 2018. It’s only going to get worse moving forward.