New Poll Shows Liberals Falling, Conservatives Expand Their Lead

Leger poll shows Liberal support down 3 points since February.

A new poll by Leger shows the Trudeau Liberals losing even more support, and the Conservatives expanding their lead.

Since February, the Conservatives are up 1 point to 37%. The Liberals are down 3 points in that same time, and are now at 31%.

The NDP has 12% support, and the Greens have 8%.

In more good news for the Conservatives, 25% now pick Scheer as the best choice for PM, while Trudeau has fallen to 24%. Since Trudeau has usually led on that question, Scheer’s narrow lead is another sign that the SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal is causing more and more damage.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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as he should !!!


Liberals haven’t fallen enough. After all the Corruption and our Country being destroyed with Trudeau at the helm, what are Canadians thinking? The Liberal Party should be down to “NON PARTY STATUS”.

shawn harris

Team Trudeau, the PM included, have reached their inflection point; where , no matter what they say or try to get the public to believe fails. And as long as the SNC Lavalin scandal drags on , the more damage Trudeau will suffer in the polls. The public, all across Canada, including Quebec, have now seen the real unvarnished, strippped down Trudeau and everyone is now sickened and disgusted with Trudeau’s continuous lies, arrogance, hypocrisy and conceit. Canadians demand change and don’t want Trudeau anymore. It is well past time for a new PM and October can’t come soon enough.