Semi Driver In Humboldt Broncos Crash Sentenced To 8 Years In Jail

Jaskirat Singh Sidhu plead guilty to 29 counts of dangerous driving.

Jaskirat Singh Sidhu, the man who plead guilty for causing the Humboldt Broncos crash that took the lives of 16 people and injured 13, has been sentenced to eight years in prison.

The judge at the Melfort court said she balanced his remorse and guilty plea against the missed stop signs and severe toll of the crash.

The sentence comes close to what the Crown had been asking for, seeking 10 years.

Since Sidhu is a permanent resident, it is likely that he will face deportation after serving his sentence.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Terry Ell


Major Tom

Will probably serve 3 years….and run for parliament…….

David Henley

why and how did he get a licence to drive. Government gives licence away like candy and take no responsability for those that give them away. Private sector giving licences away on behave of government and it puts us all at risk. Government employees and services must retain the licenceing for our roads and safety. Who gave this man a licence? how many more given away. We see this all the time on our roads, but it takes this kind of accident and nothing changes. private sector needs to be held accountable and so does the government.