Manitoba Bar Association Rips Supreme Court Leaks That Trudeau Refused To Condemn

Organization calls it “most appalling.”

The recent leaks regarding Jody Wilson-Raybould and Manitoba Chief Justice Glenn Joyal have been widely condemned across the political spectrum.

Those leaks, clearly an effort to try and discredit Jody Wilson-Raybould among members of the Liberal base, appear to be yet another disgraceful attempt by Trudeau’s PMO cronies to evade the scandal.

And they hit a new low, by making up lies about Justice Joyal being ‘rejected’ for the court by Trudeau, when in reality he withdrew his name from consideration because his wife has cancer.

The leaks are also unprecedented, showing the willingness of Trudeau’s stooges to shred confidence in the judicial system to score some political points.

Trudeau had a chance to condemn the leaks and deny that his office was behind them. He refused to do so.

And now, the Manitoba Bar Association is wading in, ripping the leaks and slamming the attacks on the Judge:

Manitoba Bar Association

Trudeau and the PMO have hit a new low and are at the bottom of the gutter. They’re trying to take Canada down with them.

We can’t let that happen.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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