The Liberal Government Made $2.2 BILLION Worth Of Mistakes In Federal Budget


Turns out math is hard and the budget isn’t balancing itself.

The Trudeau Liberal Government made $2.2 billion worth of mistakes in the federal budget

Hilariously, according to a National Post report, they’re trying to claim that ‘typing errors’ are the problem.

“Conservative MP Kelly McCauley said he discovered the “serious errors” while doing a deep dive into the budget and brought them to the Parliamentary Budget Office, which then alerted the Finance Department. The PBO declined comment. A spokesman for the department denied that that is how it happened, saying the errors “were found following internal review.”

“The corrections do not affect budget text nor other financial tables in the budget. The errors were a result of typing errors and were corrected to ensure consistency with the budget text,” said spokesman Pierre-Alain Bujold, adding the corrections don’t require the minister to table a new version.”


Typing errors.


It must also be a random coincidence that the errors are related to the ‘slush fund’ that the Liberals were slammed for including in the budget process last year, a fund that provides no accountability and lets the government shift money around without explanation, as noted by MP McCauley.

“These are huge errors in information they’re providing to parliamentarians,” he said. “They table the budget with the Vote 40 slush fund repeated, with errors that can’t be trusted, which takes away even more oversight. And (now there is) even less ability of parliamentarians to trust the numbers put before them.”

While this won’t get a ton of coverage considering the other scandals facing the Trudeau Liberals, it’s worth noting. This government is lying about everything, including numbers in the budget that are supposed to be ironclad. We can’t trust anything this government does, and that puts Canada in a very dangerous position.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube