UNPOPULAR: Justin Trudeau’s Approval Ratings Are Falling To Some Brutally Low Levels

His net approval rating is hideous.

Jagmeet Singh’s approval ratings have been terrible almost since the beginning.

He has regularly been the least popular federal leader, and his lack of success winning over the public is clearly a big reason why so many incumbent NDP MPs are choosing not to run again.

By contrast, the Liberals have built their entire brand around Justin Trudeau, making perceptions of the PM and perceptions of the Liberal Party inseperable.

Well, that’s bad news for the Liberals.

Because, according to a new Angus-Reid poll, Jagmeet Singh is now more popular than Justin Trudeau.

In fact, Justin Trudeau’s ratings have fallen to brutal levels.

All the major party leaders are underwater in terms of approval, with Scheer doing the best.

Here are the key numbers:

Scheer – 44% approve, 50% disapprove

Singh – 39% approve, 54% disapprove

Trudeau – 36% approve, 63% disapprove

So, not only is Trudeau less popular than Singh and Scheer, but he’s far more unpopular than either.

And that’s where a deeper look at the numbers has some truly hideous findings for the PM.

Scheer’s net approval is -6%, Singh’s net approval is -15%, and Trudeau’s net approval is an appalling -27%.

It gets worse for Trudeau:

The intensity of support, often a key predictor of election turnout, is entirely on the negative side.

Just 9% of Canadians strongly approve of Trudeau, while 23% moderately approve. So, among those who approve of him, most of that approval is lukewarm.

However, a whopping 47% of Canadians strongly disapprove of Trudeau, along with 18% who moderately disapprove. That means almost half of Canadians are strongly against the PM, compared to fewer than 10% who are strongly for him.

That’s a devastating gap, and it shows how Trudeau’s entire fake image is collapsing.

Canadians continue to watch the real Justin Trudeau being revealed, and the more we see it, the lower Trudeau’s numbers get.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Don Taylor

People cant stand to listen to this Fake,he is an obnoxious Idiot

Dennis Martens

I don’t see mad Max’s name ha ha ha ha,Max won’t even win his riding


The rise in NDP support is disturbing. If you thing things can’t get worse….well they can. Read the NDP platform and be prepared to weep.

Davie MacKAY

Is it going to get worse? Well on April 1st Trudeau’s unnecessary Carbon Tax kicks in. Anyone with half a brain and a calculator can see that it is not revenue neutral in the least and it is just a tax to gouge everybody except those whose monies come form tax protected Family Trusts like the Trudeau Foundation. Forget liters, Gasoline across Canada will be over Seven dollars a gallon. It will be attractively economical to drive on Vacation in the United States but never in Canada. Will those carbon tax increases on everything be charge to you in increased… Read more »

JT must go

It won’t be cheaper to go to the US to fill up your tank. The liberals have ballooned the federal deficit so much that our dollar is tanking big time. So much for the budget balancing itself.


Andrew Sheer definitely has room for positive growth as Canadians get to know him better. Everyone knows corrupt Justin and the Liberal party. Sheer is promoting lower taxes and a pro growth economy, just what Canada needs.

Canadians have been paying attention and are turning from the corrupt and incompetent Liberal party. I believe they will be totally wiped out in the west and do very badly in Ontario, and the Conservatives will have a majority. I really look forward to Andrew Sheer as the next PM and to be rid of Trudeau and the Liberal party.

David Henley

I would ask what is wrong with Canadians that Trudeau has any support. But the mainstream media continues to make him look as good as he can. Many don’t seem to be able to know the truth. They are told what to think and what to believe. So much like lost children that it is frightening. Media has used this to curve the truth and are as much at fault as Trudeau himself. Where does the media fit when they no longer can be trusted? There must be penalties to the media for false reporting. Who will deal with them?


The ratings for the Liberals are going down the tubes, but how can the rating for “Best” Prime Minister be Justin Trudeau?? Something is Definitely Wrong with this Picture. He is by far, the WORSE PM that we have ever had. Who is doing these ratings??


What amazes me is that there are people still willing to vote for this corrupt idiot.

David Henley

When you do the survey i wonder how it is that they completely missed Bernier and the Peoples Party of Canada. It is the most valuable resources we have. A party that runs on the values and principles that Canada was built on. Not mentioned in a survey to me means that the survey is not even accurate at any level. Preston Manning run on the same principles a few years back.The liberals made fun of him because he went to a christian church on Sunday. Now look at the liberals and the state Canada is in. As a Canadian… Read more »

JT's got to go

Wait until the carbon tax hits people in the pocket. Hopefully it will be the nail in the coffin for JT.


Just hope that Trudeau isn’t forced to resign! Please let him continue to be the narcissist queen. Otherwise JWR will be PM. And……..She would win. And she is a Liberal. Just another Liberal.