What’s Inside The Secret Memo Michael Wernick Wrote For Trudeau On Mark Norman Case?

Another scandal brewing for the PM.

As we know, the treatment of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman has been an absolute disgrace from the very beginning.

From his legal team being denied even his own government correspondence, to the government paying for lawyers for people like Trudeau but refusing to pay for Norman’s legal counsel, he has been treated horribly.

In face, despite nobly serving our nation, Norman has been treated far worse than Omar Khadr, who got a gigantic payday from Justin Trudeau.

And now, it has been revealed that the disgraced Michael Wernick – who is resigning as Privy Council Clerk because of how partisan he is viewed as being, wrote a 60-page memo to Trudeau about the Norman case.

According to the CP, “Vice-Admiral Mark Norman’s lawyer says she wants to see a secret 60-page memo the federal government’s top bureaucrat penned for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about her client’s case.

Marie Henein revealed the existence of the memo from Michael Wernick, clerk of the Privy Council, in court this morning as Norman’s breach-of-trust case returned for another day of pre-trial hearings.

Henein says the government is refusing to disclose the contents of that memo and two others from the Privy Council Office’s top lawyer to Wernick because of solicitor-client privilege.

Henein, who has accused the Liberals of interfering in Norman’s case, says the documents are key to her plan to argue for why the breach-of-trust charge against her client should be thrown out.”

What’s inside the memo? While Canadians deserve answers, at the very least Mark Norman’s legal team MUST get access to it.

After all, if Norman can’t get access to documents that could help in his defense, then he’s clearly being denied a fair trial, which is what all Canadian Citizens are supposed to be entitled too.

More and more, the Trudeau government resembles and anti-democratic authoritarian state hiding behind a false veneer of ‘Sunny Ways.’


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube