WATCH: Andrew Scheer Speaks About Fight Against Trudeau’s Carbon Tax

He says he will scrap the hated tax.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is in New Brunswick, speaking about the carbon tax.

New Brunswick is one of the provinces that has fought the tax, and Trudeau imposed it on them despite massive opposition.

Scheer is in the province along with New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs, discussing his plan to scrap Trudeau’s tax. You can watch it below:

“Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax kicks in today. Life just got even more unaffordable, as everything from gas, to food, to home heating will get more expensive. I’m in New Brunswick today with Premier Blaine Higgs fighting Trudeau’s tax on everything and talking about my plan to scrap it:”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook

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Bill Baerg

Only 6 months too late, Andrew! Thanks a lot for getting onto the Bandwagon. This is the pathetic behavior of 9 year old wanna-be’s. OH, oh, me too, me too! You should have resigned on your second month in knowing full well you were in over your head.

Al Roy

Well said, Bill!

Joyce Reynolds

When does Quebec get the carbon tax ? The liberals tax grab.

Ken (Kulak)

Why does even the Conservative Party call CO2 pollution? It is an essential component for all life on earth.
Paris is a fraud and Scheer is catering to a fraud. The media has bought into Maurice Strong’s massive fraud.