Canadian Economy Loses 7,200 Jobs, Even Worse Losses In Private Sector

Bad economic news.

The ongoing string of bad economic news continues here in Canada.

The economy lost 7,200 jobs in March, contrary to the predictions of economists who claimed 6,000 jobs would be created.

Canada’s unemployment rate (which absurdly doesn’t include people who have given up on finding work) remains at 5.8%. By contrast, the unemployment rate in the United States is just 4.0%.

The numbers in the private sector were even worse, with 17,300 private sector jobs being lost.

Ontario and Quebec both lost jobs, as did Alberta, where Rachel Notley is trailing in the polls due in large part to anger towards her failed economic record.

Alberta lost 1,800 jobs, and there are now 172,000 Albertans out of work. Additionally, Calgary and Edmonton have the second and third worst unemployment rates (7.7% and 7.1%) in all of Canada.

This is yet more evidence of how Justin Trudeau’s policies continue damaging our country, and these numbers don’t even include the new carbon tax that’s kicking in.

Expect things to get worse for Canada’s economy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter