REPORT: Early Online Alberta Leaders Debate Poll Gives Jason Kenney Big Win

Over 800 people responded to the poll.

In one of the first looks at the response to the Alberta Leaders Debate, an online poll shows Jason Kenney with a big win.

The poll – which can be viewed below, has had over 800 responses, a strong early indication of how people felt after viewing the debate.

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The in-depth results of the Alberta Leaders Debate poll can be viewed below:

Jason Kenney Wins Alberta Leaders Debate Rachel Notley Alberta Poll


While upcoming polls will likely show a narrower margin, the strong showing by Kenney in this initial look at public sentiment online fits with many positive reviews of his performance.

Despite endless fear-mongering and demonization by Rachel Notley, Kenney stuck to a focused economic message, which has resonated with the many Albertans who are tired of the devastating impacts of Notley/Trudeau policy.

Kenney also seemed the least reliant on notes (much less than Notley) and benefitted from the fact that the other leaders – Khan and Mandel – noted that Notley’s increasingly unhinged attacks on Kenney were nothing but desperate political games.

In case you missed it, here was Jason Kenney’s closing statement from the Alberta Leaders Debate.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter