DISGRACEFUL: Alberta NDP Notley Candidate Running Against African-Canadian UCP Candidate Tweets “Vote As If Your Skin Is Not White”

NDP Candidate John Archer has since apologized for his horrible tweet.

In yet another example of the left trying to tear people apart and inflame racial division for political gain, Alberta NDP Candidate John Archer made the following disgraceful tweet (Archer deleted it, but the Post Millennial took a screenshot):

John Archer Tweet

United Conservative Party Candidate Kaycee Madu responded:

“As an African-Canadian, I am deeply offended by Mr.Archer’s derogatory comment about skin colour – which is designed solely to divide and offend. After four years of disastrous NDP policies, Albertans are voting in this election based on ideas for a better future, not skin colour.”

The more desperate the left gets, the more they try tearing our society down by exploiting race.

Archer – who has since apologized – is continuing the same trend we’re seeing from Trudeau at the federal level. The more desperate the leftist elites become, the more they try to tear down our society and tear people apart in a disgusting attempt to hold onto power.

The racial divisiveness of disgraceful politicians like Archer and Trudeau must be opposed and defeated.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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