Government ‘Consultation’ Backfires On Elites, As Overwhelming Majority Of Respondents Oppose Gun Ban

Not what the government expected.

The Trudeau government and the corrupt anti-freedom elites didn’t get exactly what they expected from a consultation on the idea of a wide-ranging gun ban.

The Liberals have been laying the rhetorical groundwork for a ban on handguns and so-called ‘assault-weapons’ (a category always kept purposely vague by the elites), and introduced a ‘consultation’ to see what people think.

And according to a new report, that response was strongly against a gun ban.

According to the CP, while there were mixed opinions through the in-person meeting process (meetings picked by the government of course, when it came to the open questionnaire proceess, “most people who responded to a questionnaire were against a ban.”

Additionally, “Many participants felt strongly that a ban would target law-abiding owners, rather than illicit firearms, and would not reduce gang violence, the report says. As a result, many called for beefing up police and border services, as well as tougher penalties for firearms-trafficking and gun-related crime.”

In fact, out of 135,000 respondents, a full 80% were against a gun ban.

Rather than a ban, there was strong support for more sharing of date on gun crime, as well as looking into the underlying problems of crime.

This shows that Canadians – particularly Canadian gun owners – have strong common sense.

Taking guns away from law-abiding Canadians would do nothing to make Canada safer, and would just leave guns in the hands of criminals.

We need to deal with the problem of crime, not take away freedoms from law-abiding Canadians.

The Trudeau government must listen to the will of the People and shelve any ideas for a foolish gun ban.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Len Shier

Want to stop drunk drivers from killing sober drivers?
Just ban sober drivers!
That’s how gun control works!!



old white guy

Canada has been spiraling down the rabbit hole of extreme socialism for decades now. Canadians have never stood up to the morons that they manage to elect. Kick Trudeau and all freedom hating socialists out of all government, all, no exceptions.

Jill Ward

He’ll do what he wants regardless. After all he is our little DESPOT!

Gonzo the Magnificent

Actually, I want them to pursue it to drive a bigger division between liberals and the rest of the country so as to make the lines of battle clear to every one. Maybe this issue will drive the stake deeper into the LPC’s heart.

Norbert Kausen

I am also against the gun ban… CATEGORICALLY!!!

I harken to the Christians TEN COMMANDMENTS which FORBIDS all kinds of things like murder, but people still murder! Need I say more?????!!!!!


People still kill but not law abiding Christian conservatives.

Ron Condly

Thank you Spencer for you tireless work on behalf of the common sense majority of Canadians. I value your dependable and consistent aggregation of the daily news on my behalf. Your efforts are so important today in light of the constant bombardment of political left messaging slowly whittling away or speech protections and personal liberties. Well done. You are a steadfast defender of democracy. Thank you.


All Democides start with a gun ban. Then the government can run ripshod over the people with no fear. See Europe for examples, particularly the gassing and maiming of french citizens every saturday by the government. They will use the force of government against the populace, it’s what they do. Government = force. As much force as said government deems fit. An armed populace keeps governments a little less corrupt. It’s not about keeping people safe, it’s about control and power, absolute control and power, which is more difficult with armed citizens. Give up your firearms at your own peril…

Phil Alexander

Ottawas village idiot will dress up like Elmer Fudd and go rabbit hunting to further the gun ban cause I imagine.

don morris

The fact that the Liberals would even propose a ban on any type of gun should be the impetus for gun owners to vote against the LPC. There are about two million gun owners in Canada, which is a considerable voting block IF gun owners have the good sense to vote against the Party that would steal their guns with NO compensation. All hunters,sportsmen, and other gun owners have to wake up and defeat these UN anti-gun Bills the Liberals are trying to foist on us to make Canada as unarmed and helpless as the Europeans. No gun owners should… Read more »