REPORT: Canada’s Middle Class Is Shrinking, And The Carbon Tax Will Make Things Much Worse

Another Trudeau promise betrayed.

Yet another Justin Trudeau promise has been broken.

Trudeau has repeatedly talked about the middle class, using that phrase as an excuse for every policy he brings in.

But as Canadians have seen, Justin Trudeau’s policies have been terrible for Canada’s middle class.

And now, a new report provides clear evidence that Canada’s middle class is shrinking, and considering the recommendations in the report for reversing that trend, Trudeau’s carbon tax is doing the exact opposite.

As the National Post put it, “the middle class is shrinking”.

That’s according to a report from the OECD, which shows fewer and fewer millennials making it into the middle class.

Also, “The picture is as bad or slightly worse in Canada as in the average OECD country, said the report, which calls for various government measures to tackle the problems.”

The report shows 67% of baby boomers are in the middle class, 64% of Generation X are in the middle class, and 59% of millennials are in the middle class. The trend line is clear, with successive generations struggling more and more as time goes on.

There’s also growing inequality:

“Middle-class shrinkage was sharper in Canada than the OECD average. Coupled with the contracting centre was a surge in the number of upper-income earners — those making more than 200 per cent of the median — who also cornered a greater chunk of their nation’s wealth, says the report. The middle-class slice of the financial pie fell even faster than the number of people in that bracket.”

The issue is that the Trudeau carbon tax is going to make all of this worse.

One of the key suggestions by the OECD to reverse the declining middle class trend is to bring in middle class tax relief. Tax relief is essential, since the rising cost of living is a big part of why the middle class is shrinking in the first place.

But as we know, the carbon tax is a massive new tax on the middle class, and will substantially raise the cost of living. It makes everything more expensive, pushes jobs and investment out of the country, and hurts those who can least afford the extra expense.

Meanwhile, the wealthy elites and big corporations can easily pay the extra cost, and many big companies are getting huge exemptions.

So, Justin Trudeau’s promise to help the middle class is yet another promise betrayed.

Spencer Fernando

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