Arrogant Elitists At Toronto Star Run Horribly Condescending Attack On Alberta Workers

No wonder more and more Canadians have total contempt for the establishment media.

Without Alberta workers, and without the oil industry in particular, Canada would be a much poorer and much worse country.

Working People and our energy sector keeps our country alive and functioning.

Look at it this way: Canada couldn’t survive without the energy industry. But we sure could survive without the corrupt establishment media.

But the arrogant elitists in the establishment media don’t realize how redundent they are.

Instead, they have an inflated sense of their own importance, and look down with contempt on every else.

And that arrogant elitist attitude of contempt was shown in a recent Tweet and article from the Toronto Star, which you can view below:

As Felix Wong said on Twitter, this is exactly why people slam the elites:

“When Conservatives talk about the elites, this is what we mean. The condescension, talking down to and mocking of people they see as yokels. The pearl-clutching over a high-school dropout actually making a good wage for doing an honest day’s work.”

While there may be some good reporters at the Toronto Star, the overall organization and attitude of the establishment media elites is absolutely dripping with contempt towards Canadian Workers and towards the energy industry.

And that obvious contempt is why more and more people are rejecting the establishment media and turning towards websites like, where the truth and the viewpoint of common-sense Canada is actually represented, instead of constantly denigrated.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Toronto Star = NY Times = Canada’s version of CNN?


100,000 must have been a slow year…


Just totally unconscionable of the STAR This is why I absolutely NEVER EVER read their rag.. I wonder how many playgrounds those morons have built, or how many desks did they provide for schools like the oilsands have done…. NONE…………… Our oilsand’s workers are the backbone of this country, they work darn hard to earn their wages. AND I am pretty sure they don’t go around demeaning other professions/workers in our country.. Thanks to Trudeau and people who work at the star or any other fools like them they have all done their level best to turn Canada into a… Read more »

Ivan Hawkes

Obviously the Toronto Star has a similar ego level as the brass in the CBC. Over paid for what they do, they should try doing the job those in the oil industry do, then see if they think they are over paid. They think these people don’t earn their wage, they should try it because it would kill their pussy nature.

Mike Susheski

You know us Albertans are hard working people!!!! I personally work 24 days straight 12-15 hours a day!!!! After my 24 I get 4 days days off with 2 travel days and that pretty much makes up my month!!!! So I’m doing at least 84 hours a week!!! Pretty funny my dad worked as an operator with the union and I asked him if he worked hours or shifts I work???? His response was no never worked his 40 hours 5 days a week!!!! The other funny thing is my parents owned there home work those hours and days!!!! I’m… Read more »

Mack Thrasher

There is no CLIMATE EMERGENCY, AGW (Global Warming Caused by humans),it has been 20 yrs since Al Gore received a Nobel Prize for his Science Fiction movie Inconvenient Truth, an example of the global fraud, or Gross Ignorance of Climate Science by those who awarded the prize. Gore predicted that the arctic wiuld be ice free today, and coastal cities would be under water, DID NOT HAPPEN, this yrs mid March when the arctic is at peak ice, the ice was at 14.8 million square clicks, and the average high is 14-15 million sq clicks, the average low in mid… Read more »

shawn harris

The far left socialists and media elites like to portray themselves as being superior in thought, action and deed. They demonstrate their vacuous thinking, beliefs and deceitful attributes perfectly , when they seek to tear down and destroy the very things that make for a prosperous and successful society. Such as a strong economy and a unified society. After all when is it considered a bad or repulsive thing to have a job, any job , that pays you a decent or even a higher wage and in turns keeps you employed for a long time?. These same media elites… Read more »

Aaron P Barrett

The Toronto “Red” Star is a Tabloid, it’s no more credible than the national enquirer

Eric Blair

Spencer: Would it have killed you to give The Rebel a mention here. They often give you a mention via the Tweets you make. You are both in this together and I enjoy you both and contribute to you both. The both you need to bring down Trudeau as job #1.


What’s new.The Red Star works for trudope says $600 million.


The Toronto Star is a rag where left wing columnists spew their vitriol at anyone who holds a conservative view. What did Harper ever do to them? i think these columnists drink Liberal Kool Aid after work. Perhaps a beer or two would give them a more rounded view of Canadians outside their bubble.

Moe S.

Every angle, advertisement, story and recipe is multiculturalism. On a daily basis, the progressive menu of stories is about veganism, climate change, LGBTQ, Trans, Muslims, Trudeau, anti-Trump and anti-Doug Ford.
They report and talk about literally nothing else. I have banned this progressive cult paper from my home.
Recently by accident, this paper landed in my driveway. I enjoyed watching it burn in my winter fireplace.

Jill Ward

guess it is okay to import foreign oil, enriching their people and standard of life while crippling and bankrupting us and ours!
typical lefty thinking. Not smart enough to realize when we go down the sewer, they go with us all while the elite get richer and richer and richer off the left/politically correct brainwashed!