SHOCK: Liberals Fall To THIRD Place In Western Canada

Even with the NDP struggling under Jagmeet Singh’s leadership, the Liberals have still fallen to third place in the West.

Considering how badly the NDP has struggled with fundraising, candidate retention, and polling numbers under Jagmeet Singh’s tenure, it would have been unthinkable for the Liberals to fall behind the NDP in Western Canada.

Yet, that’s exactly what’s happened.

According to a new Angus-Reid poll, the Trudeau Liberals are now in third place in Western Canada.

The stunning numbers are not because of any new strength for the NDP, but because the Liberals have collapsed to 25% nationwide.

And since much of the Liberal support is concentrated in Quebec, that leaves little for them elsewhere.

Of course, if the Liberals are behind the NDP in the West, that means the Conservatives are way ahead, and that’s what the numbers show.

The closest province is BC, where the Conservatives are at 39%, the NDP at 29%, and the Liberals at 19%.

In Alberta, the Conservatives dominate with 60%, the NDP is at 24%, and the Liberals have just 12%.

And in Saskatchewan/Manitoba, the Conservatives are at 49%, the NDP at 22%, and the Liberals at 14%.

Much of the former Liberal support appears to be going to the Greens, who are at 11% in BC and 10% in Sask/Man.

In the 2015 campaign, the Liberals did surprisingly well in Western Canada, which was a big part of them getting a majority government. But there are no signs of that happening again, and it seems much more likely that the Liberals will lose nearly all of their Western Canadian seats.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube