SHOCK: Liberals Fall To THIRD Place In Western Canada

Even with the NDP struggling under Jagmeet Singh’s leadership, the Liberals have still fallen to third place in the West.

Considering how badly the NDP has struggled with fundraising, candidate retention, and polling numbers under Jagmeet Singh’s tenure, it would have been unthinkable for the Liberals to fall behind the NDP in Western Canada.

Yet, that’s exactly what’s happened.

According to a new Angus-Reid poll, the Trudeau Liberals are now in third place in Western Canada.

The stunning numbers are not because of any new strength for the NDP, but because the Liberals have collapsed to 25% nationwide.

And since much of the Liberal support is concentrated in Quebec, that leaves little for them elsewhere.

Of course, if the Liberals are behind the NDP in the West, that means the Conservatives are way ahead, and that’s what the numbers show.

The closest province is BC, where the Conservatives are at 39%, the NDP at 29%, and the Liberals at 19%.

In Alberta, the Conservatives dominate with 60%, the NDP is at 24%, and the Liberals have just 12%.

And in Saskatchewan/Manitoba, the Conservatives are at 49%, the NDP at 22%, and the Liberals at 14%.

Much of the former Liberal support appears to be going to the Greens, who are at 11% in BC and 10% in Sask/Man.

In the 2015 campaign, the Liberals did surprisingly well in Western Canada, which was a big part of them getting a majority government. But there are no signs of that happening again, and it seems much more likely that the Liberals will lose nearly all of their Western Canadian seats.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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We better not lose Alberta they are the only true intelligent Canadian province left.

Lawrence Kosedy

Sask isn’t a slouch province by the way-we took the Kabuki infected Pimple to task on his carbon task right from getgo ☝

Glenda Cruikshank - Kirk

Manitoba is intelligent too as is Saskatchewan!!


Down the ship goes…

Don Taylor

This fall for the Low Life Liberals should continue,they were nearly wiped out before and hopefully this time it will happen and all because of one corrupt and stupid PM


It isn’t all because of one corrupt and stupid person, Don. He is simply the front “man”, easily controlled and manipulated. There are a lot of equally corrupt people, companies and organizations behind him. Soros, Tides, Clintons and Obama, Dogwood, Leadnow and multiple other environmental radicals. We can’t ignore possible selfish behind the scenes involvement by certain Provincial Governments that hate pipelines, and we all know who they are.


What is wrong with the Voters of Quebec? Are they all blind and deaf to actually vote for a Liberal Government with Moron Trudeau at the helm. I hope that Quebecers are much Smarter than to vote in a Corrupt Imbecile, who is the the Biggest Embarrassment to Canada Worldwide!

Steve Robinson

Hi Spencer I follow all your posts we need to defeat this government and should not let our guard down just because the pols seem in our favor . For all we know these number could be a smoke screen set up by Justin himself . Look what happened in the states during the election had democrats winning they sat back and Trump got in . We and the public need to get a better picture of what the conservatives will over turn that Justin and his cronies have put in place. Examples carbon tax, bleeding tax money for no… Read more »


Nothing perturbes justin trudeau, not even votes. So he is.losing votes in the west? So what?. He has illegals in droves to vote for him, more so, than a few votes from western Canada.

shawn harris

The Liberals under the not so masterful leadership of Trudeau have fallen to third place in the polls. Since there is about five months to go before voting, the Trudeau Liberals could be in fourth place nationally by the time we vote. Just think the Liberals could effectively be wiped out and replace by a combination NDP/Green party, as the official opposition in parliament.

K Markwart

NOT a shock to Western Canadians! Every one of the Alberta Liberal MPs will lose their seats convincingly, and Regina/Saskatchewan residents will stage an uprising to finally get rid of lapdog Ralph Goodale, who has been desperately attending everything political in Sask, appearing to be Ottawa’s banker doling out federal cheques for any cause.

Glenda Cruikshank - Kirk

Not surprising!!