Lack Of Confidence In Trudeau’s Economic Policies Creates Opportunity For Scheer

Justin Trudeau has had almost four years to convince Canadians he can manage the economy. He’s failed.

A new poll shows Canadians split on who would be the best to manage the economy.

According to Nanos, 27% pick Scheer as the best economic leader, while 26% pick Trudeau.

Scheer and Trudeau are tied in Ontario, while Scheer leads big in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. By contrast, Trudeau gets higher economic marks in Atlantic Caanda, BC, and Quebec.

The other party leaders barely register. In stunningly bad numbers, just 4% pick Jagmeet Singh.

While much of the media is spinning this as a negative thing for Scheer, the reality is that this is a big opportunity for him.

Scheer has never been PM, and as the Opposition Leader, there is always an inherent experience disadvantage going up against the current PM, since the current PM is by definition already in power.

However, the flip side is that Justin Trudeau has had almost 4 years to show Canadians he can manage the economy. So, if he’s tied with the Opposition Leader on that question, it makes it very clear that he has failed.

Our economy is stagnating, the cost of living is rising, taxes are going up, investment is fleeing, and the number of Canadians facing the risk of bankruptcy and financial ruin continues to increase.

The only answer Trudeau has to all of those problems is more taxes.

This creates a big opportunity for Scheer. If he can present an economic plan that looks reasonable, cuts taxes, and gives people confidence that their standard of living will improve, more and more people will be willing to abandon Trudeau’s failed record.

Spencer Fernando

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Ben Eby

Can’t help but question as to where these poll samplings were taken? How could a person, who is completely devoid of common sense, and business sense, such as Trudeau, even be on the same page as any normal Canadian, politician or not? This completely dimwitted spectacle could not possibly rate this high in a fair and balanced sampling, therefore I can only assume the poll has been skewed.


26% picked Trudeau as the best economic leader – really. Are they on happy juice or only voted because of his hair? Scheer hasn’t even had a chance to prove himself.


After the past 3.5 years, it’s very hard to believe that Trudeau would be so highly rated as an economic wonder of any caliber.


And, the truth is that neither will do us any good! They’re all on the same Globalist path to Socialism/Communism. Doubtful that Andrew Scheer even really won the Leadership race. What experience does Scheer possess that would qualify him to run a country? Wouldn’t be surprised if he was chosen and put in that position. Which Canadian Leader hasn’t had their sites set on destroying Canada? Harper signed us onto Agenda 2030. They all work together, one more sneaky than the other. One more outwardly crazy than the other. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Trump. The only one standing in… Read more »

Don Taylor

Trudeau has been trying to break Canada since he fluked his way into ottawa,people are turning against him and right fully so,we cant afford another day of this bumbling Idiot

Eric Blair

Trudeau now has to run on his record… Scheer doesn’t.


More fake news and liberal supported company


I’m no lawyer but it sure seems to me that criminal charges must be seriously considered. Both the donor and recipient should face charges.


This was definitely a Very Large Illegal Donation of Foreign Interference. Why hasn’t Trudeau been Charged and Persecuted for accepting this Illegal Donation?? How can he get away with this? I am very Upset and Discouraged by the INACTION of the Conservative Party. Who is the Conservative Party standing up for – Trudeau’s Corruption or Honest, Lawful Canadians who do NOT and will NOT stand for Corruption???

David Henley

How can anyone think Trudeau has any idea on how to run Canada. So much for the poles.


What is deeply concerning is that 26% allegedly pick trudeau as best to manage our economy. Even after all the corruption and scandals, while our economy circles the toilet bowl??? If it isn’t clear to Canadian’s at this point how dangerous he is to our country and way of life…what’s it going to take?

Gloria Saunders

Trudeau manages Canadian Tax dollars very well – for other countries. He continues to give all our tax money to other countries and very little for the Canadian economy. Just a small, teeny, little deficit of about $10 million. Wha is it now about 800 million and still counting.

Sam Kurr

It’s a sad time in our Country’s history when the leader of the Land has more thoughts of his own “legacy” than the concerns of the State of affairs in which he’s leaving his children’s Country in..
Hope he has a fund set up to pay for all the therapy his children will need now…and for the rest of their lives