Lack Of Confidence In Trudeau’s Economic Policies Creates Opportunity For Scheer

Justin Trudeau has had almost four years to convince Canadians he can manage the economy. He’s failed.

A new poll shows Canadians split on who would be the best to manage the economy.

According to Nanos, 27% pick Scheer as the best economic leader, while 26% pick Trudeau.

Scheer and Trudeau are tied in Ontario, while Scheer leads big in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. By contrast, Trudeau gets higher economic marks in Atlantic Caanda, BC, and Quebec.

The other party leaders barely register. In stunningly bad numbers, just 4% pick Jagmeet Singh.

While much of the media is spinning this as a negative thing for Scheer, the reality is that this is a big opportunity for him.

Scheer has never been PM, and as the Opposition Leader, there is always an inherent experience disadvantage going up against the current PM, since the current PM is by definition already in power.

However, the flip side is that Justin Trudeau has had almost 4 years to show Canadians he can manage the economy. So, if he’s tied with the Opposition Leader on that question, it makes it very clear that he has failed.

Our economy is stagnating, the cost of living is rising, taxes are going up, investment is fleeing, and the number of Canadians facing the risk of bankruptcy and financial ruin continues to increase.

The only answer Trudeau has to all of those problems is more taxes.

This creates a big opportunity for Scheer. If he can present an economic plan that looks reasonable, cuts taxes, and gives people confidence that their standard of living will improve, more and more people will be willing to abandon Trudeau’s failed record.

Spencer Fernando

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