INSANITY: Jagmeet Singh Says Canada Can’t Use Fossil Fuels “At All”

With his party at risk of falling behind the Greens, it looks like Jagmeet Singh is getting desperate and making insane statements.

Jagmeet Singh has unveiled a ‘plan’ that will result in the destruction of Canada’s energy industry.

With the Greens nipping at his heels, and his party failing when it comes to fundraising, floundering in the polls, and watching as current MPs decide not to run again, Singh appears to be going all in on radical anti-industry plans.

Today, Singh announced a motion calling for a ‘climate emergency’ to be declared, and discussed his view and ‘plan’ for Canadian energy.

In short, he plans to destroy the Canadian energy industry.

Singh has turned against his previous support of LNG, has called for the TransMountain expansion to be cancelled, and even declared that Canada can’t use fossil fuels as an energy source “at all.”

“At all.”


As we know, that would absolutely devastate our economy.

You can watch his remarks below:

“New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Jagmeet Singh claims Canada can’t use any fossil fuels as an energy source. Genius idea from the NDP, to put nearly all of Canada’s energy workers out of jobs. Working class families will love this.”

This is stunningly bad policy from Singh, and marks a massive betrayal of the NDPs working class base.

In the past, the left used to favour industrialization, and favoured the creation of good jobs for workers in the energy industry. In fact, the left once fought for many important things, including workers rights, ensuring safe working conditions, and building up essential infrastructure.

But now, the leaders of the left like Jagmeet Singh have abandoned that, and have abandoned working class Canadians.

Now, Singh is proposing ideas that would be devastating to Canadian workers, while the elites can just park their money elsewhere and escape the consequences.

Of course, Jagmeet Singh is a desperate man. His party is facing huge losses, and the Greens appear to be catching up, and even possibly surpassing the NDP.

So, the more desperate he gets, the more crazy his ideas will become.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter