INSANITY: Jagmeet Singh Says Canada Can’t Use Fossil Fuels “At All”

With his party at risk of falling behind the Greens, it looks like Jagmeet Singh is getting desperate and making insane statements.

Jagmeet Singh has unveiled a ‘plan’ that will result in the destruction of Canada’s energy industry.

With the Greens nipping at his heels, and his party failing when it comes to fundraising, floundering in the polls, and watching as current MPs decide not to run again, Singh appears to be going all in on radical anti-industry plans.

Today, Singh announced a motion calling for a ‘climate emergency’ to be declared, and discussed his view and ‘plan’ for Canadian energy.

In short, he plans to destroy the Canadian energy industry.

Singh has turned against his previous support of LNG, has called for the TransMountain expansion to be cancelled, and even declared that Canada can’t use fossil fuels as an energy source “at all.”

“At all.”


As we know, that would absolutely devastate our economy.

You can watch his remarks below:

“New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Jagmeet Singh claims Canada can’t use any fossil fuels as an energy source. Genius idea from the NDP, to put nearly all of Canada’s energy workers out of jobs. Working class families will love this.”

This is stunningly bad policy from Singh, and marks a massive betrayal of the NDPs working class base.

In the past, the left used to favour industrialization, and favoured the creation of good jobs for workers in the energy industry. In fact, the left once fought for many important things, including workers rights, ensuring safe working conditions, and building up essential infrastructure.

But now, the leaders of the left like Jagmeet Singh have abandoned that, and have abandoned working class Canadians.

Now, Singh is proposing ideas that would be devastating to Canadian workers, while the elites can just park their money elsewhere and escape the consequences.

Of course, Jagmeet Singh is a desperate man. His party is facing huge losses, and the Greens appear to be catching up, and even possibly surpassing the NDP.

So, the more desperate he gets, the more crazy his ideas will become.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Who elects these stupid people?




Stupid voters

Ralph Knapp

Singh has just guaranteed he and his party will be lucky to win one seat (not his) in the upcoming election.


I hope you’re correct but I have very little faith in the left thinking fools who elected him in his riding. There is far too many ppl who don’t think & don’t do any kind of research, they just fall for what they hear.

Eleanor Merkus

He needs to shut off all the power and gas to his home and he needs to bike to work. And grow a garden, because heaven forbid he can not shop at an air conditioned grocery store or anything. What a total nitwit!

Rob Gillespie

He can’t grow a garden, because carbon might be involved in that (plants inhale it, and all…) and we all know that’s completely evil. And as far as not shopping at a grocery store goes, they should all refuse to serve him.

Dingus Kahn

The bike should have stone wheels .


A bike??? Jagmeat probably has a flying carpet !!


Well just maybe the Powers that controlled Trudeau are now backing the NDP. They sure have been more active in Ontario too than they were for 15 years. Corruption controls and they have money.

Dave Allsopp

Seems everyone but Mad Max is racing left at top speed!

Diane DiFlorio

What an idiot ! Honestly are there any leaders with even half a bloody brain in their heads still in existence?


Half a brain? That is too much to ask from a politician.


Same Party as Lieberals/green/NDP all post national state, UN puppets, – finish bankrupting the country, promise to give everyone a new ? furnace to keep warm and ? public transport? maybe a bowl of rice? or a potato a day? if you can believe anything they say.
If any of these parties even fraudulently get in power, bye bye Canada.

peter black

This could be bad news for Conservatives as the Orange will turncoat to red. BUT maybe they will go green. This guy just blew his head into insanity. LOck him up.


The left in Canada and the USA has gone completely bonkers. None of these people should be anywhere near power. I agree he’s desperate because the Greens seem to be catching up to the NDP, at least out here in BC where another Green was elected to Parliament in a byelection. However, the Greens are just a little bit less radical.

I won’t be surprised if the Greens win more seats on Vancouver Island in the next election. We have to count of the rest of the country to get rid of Trudeau and the Liberals.


I wonder who coughs first when Turdo and Sing share a joint? And does Turdo stop by his costume trunk first?

Eelkje VanderMeulen Smart

Crazy Jagmeet Singh and his supporters can be the first to freeze their asses off with no heat next winter and while their at it with their extreme ideology they can go without their car and go live in a cave and go back to the days of hunters and gather!

Ben Eby

Wow, can anybody explain how this Jagmeet dude got to be leader of the NDP. Was it his pink hat, or maybe the yellow one…whatever, it was not because of what’s under the hats!

Pissed off canadian

Does this idiot know that fossil fuels are used for than fuelling our vehicle and heating our homes? How about all the plastics he has and uses. The products he uses on a daily basis. And if his head dress isn’t 100% cotton or wool where did it come from. Maybe irs time he stops using vehicles, cell phones, living in a house, his wife shoukd stop wearing make up as well. If he’s so dead set agaunst fossil fuels, then man up and take the first steps. Show us that he means it.

Steven Kallstrom

Not only does fossil fuel power our vehicles and heat our homes, but the tradespeoples working there need it also.


He has no idea what he is talking about. Another JT wanna be…not canadian politician material at all. Next!

Leo Frey

Lol. I always knew this guy was a nutcase. This is proof. I wonder what his big plan is for replacing oil. Him and Notley should join forces and they can put EVERYONE out of work.


Science today is in totally bad shape due to Politicians hijacking and suppressing any data that is contrary to what agenda that they currently are pushing.
Multiple areas are not being in consideration due to media and political policies do not allow any discussions. Politicians have settled the issue no matter what.


I guess power generating incineration for the plastics and garbage problem would be frowned upon…but certainly would help solve the massive garbage movement and plastics build-up problem.
We have new pollution technology that could be incorporated into this.

Sherrill Wiseman

bye bye


How much longer are we going to allow this guy to remain in office?!! He needs to resign, NOW!!

Ruth Bard

People like him will be the first to starve once they succeed in returning us to the Stone Age. Even their money will be worthless when there are no products to buy.

Greg Hilz

I would bet this guy doesn’t walk to work or eat only raw cold food in his cold house… Idiot.

Barbara Pickering

Singh doesn’t actual say we can’t use fossil fuels ever. He said we cannot “rely on fossil fuels” in the future. His point is that investment must go towards alternate green energy not towards the dead end afforded by fossil fuels. This strategy would mean phasing out of fossil fuels gradually while in the meantime, the jobs would transition to jobs in the green energy sector. Sooner or later the world needs to get-it, that it will be forced to move to green energy eventually. Start now so the transition can be gradual. We will need to rely on fossil… Read more »

Dave French

May 14-2019: MORONIC IDEA-PLAN from NDP SINGH. INSANITY: NDP Jagmeet SINGH Says CANADA CAN’T USE FOSSIL FUELS “AT ALL” ► This Asinine-idiotic idea from the NDP, to put nearly All of CANADA’S ENERGY WORKERS OUT of JOBS. Working class Families will NOT like this stupid NDP idea of increasing unemployment.” ► FACTS: SINGH Plans to DESTROY the CANADIAN ENERGY INDUSTRY. • With his NDP party at risk of Falling Behind the GREENS, it looks like Jagmeet SINGH is getting Desperate and making INSANE statements. • NDP Jagmeet SINGH has unveiled a ‘Plan’ that will result in the DESTRUCTION of CANADA’S… Read more »

Randall J Fox

Is he pedaling or walking?


North Americans need to pull thier heads out of thier assess and look at the rest of the westernized world trying to slow it down. We have known about it for decades and have done nothing. It is an emergency and we have to get on board, climate change will be irreversible likely within ten years. Fracking is an environmental disaster! We need change and we need it now!

Thomas Tass

It is now clear. The lunatics (NDP/Liberals) have taken over the asylum (Parliament of Canada)!

Rob Gillespie

So he thinks we (but not he and his cronies, of course) should all starve and freeze. I must say I have to thank him for making it so unmistakably clear what the NDP is (and always has been) all about. It’s no surprise he got elected here in BC, where far too many people think exactly that way.


Well that at least he’s given us a clear heads up to what kind of leader he would make. Pass!!!

Rob Gillespie

Oh, and do you suppose he’s Alexandra Occasio No-Cortex’s half-brother, or something….

Dingus Kahn

Well lets ban Him from driving !

Eelkje VanderMeulen Smart

The ndp can be the first to go without fossil fuels and freeze their asses off!No common sense and these clueless extremists with their ideology should not be allowed hold a party in Canada!

AL Swanky

How do you get around , in vehicles that are made in factories ( Gas $ Oil ) how do you live when its cold ( Natural Gas ) What do you write on ( Paper created in a factory that can not run on anything bit Oil & Gas) Don’t be that Hypocritical Political Idiot , Oh and you eat food delivered by a Truck and get Fly around in a Jet that runs on What , and a Ferry across the Water that is built and runs on WHAT … Don’t say such idiotic things … Undo your… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

Yeah, RIGHT… That’s okay… NO one is going to vote THAT idiot in… EVER!

Bob Wilson

I want to hear a good petroleum engineer talking to Canada about Energy and what Canada needs to sustain itself today and going forward into the next fifty years. These totally incompetent fools who don’t even know what they are talking about giving advise to ordinary Canadians about stopping fossil fuel, land locking Alberta Energy, stoping Trans Mountain and
Gateway North for LNG shipments of natural Gas are
Causing damage to Canada and to Alberta.


Get out your horses again. We gonna repeat the past 200 years.
Who will deliver the groceries to the stores? What will generate the power? What will drive the grain and cargo trains?
What will provide the power for heating?
Magic pixie dust.


These people that think we can stop using fossil fuels of must never have frozen in the dark before