‘Vote Prosperity’: Canadian Chamber Of Commerce Writes Open Letter To Federal Party Leaders Ahead Of Election

Read it here.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has written an open letter to the federal political parties.

In the letter, they share their 7 key priorities and 45 recommendations to build a more prosperous Canada.

You can read the letter below:

“Dear Federal Party Leaders;

Without a thriving business sector, Canada’s economic growth suffers, our prosperity declines and our governments can afford fewer roads, hospitals, schools and social services. For Canada to succeed, our businesses must also succeed.

Today, Canadian businesses face obstacles our competitors do not. We call them the seven burdens of business: over-regulation, a complex and outdated tax system, the difficulty finding and retaining skilled workers, the need for improved technology infrastructure, lack of support for SMEs, insufficient trade tools and proposed changes that may undermine employer-provided healthcare.

All of these issues could be advantages for Canadian businesses, but today they are not, at least when compared to the countries with which we compete.

As the voice of over 450 chambers of commerce and boards of trade, representing more than 200,000 businesses of all sizes, in all sectors of the economy, from every region of the country, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce sees the hurdles our country’s businesses face every day.

That is why we are challenging all leaders and their parties to embrace our Vote Prosperity election platform, outlining key priorities with 45 detailed recommendations focusing on:

1. A tax system that is fair, efficient and modern

2. A regulatory system that works for everyone, including business

3. Opening new markets around the world and breaking down barriers at home

4. Resources to help small and medium companies grow and succeed at home and abroad

5. Innovation and infrastructure to make Canada the most connected country in the world

6. A workforce for the 21st century with the skills, education and training to prosper

7. An affordable approach to filling the gaps in pharmacare without disrupting today’s employer-provided plans

This platform was developed in partnership with Canada’s provincial and territorial chambers of commerce andreflects the major concerns of job creators in communities across Canada. To see the details, please visit VoteProsperityca.ca.

The stakes for Canadian businesses and the millions of families that depend on them have never been higher. Between now and election day, local chambers of commerce and boards of trade will hold meetings to give candidates the opportunity to explain their approach to these issues and we will share the parties’ responses with our members.

For all of our challenges, we Canadians remain the most fortunate people in the world. All we need is the vision and determination to create a better future for ourselves and our families.


The Honourable Perrin Beatty, P.C., O.C.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Canadian Chamber of Commerce”

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Don Taylor

If the corrupt Turdeau Liberal would stop giving our money to other countries we would be a lot better off,we have had enough of the corruption and lies from the traitorous Turdeau Govt.


Thank you Spencer, for sharing this common sense letter from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. This is what Doug Ford and the Conservatives are trying to do even with the huge Lieberal debt Ontario has been left with and the NDP, Lieberls and Green radical senseless assaults and bought out Lieberal media. Andrew Scheer and the Fed. Conservatives are talking the same game as our Provincial Conservatives, lets get Canada back and working – and we would have been so much better off as a country if we had just kept PM Harper, so I hope Andrew Scheer is as… Read more »

John Trainor

Its worthwhile to keep in mind that Trudeau will not be the author of liberal election strategy so lets remember reality….trudeau believes and has stated that people iincorporate businesses for the tax dodge…i heard him say it myself….that is how ignorant this twit is with his part time drama teacher background.


I cannot recommend anyone start a small business in Canada without having the accounting and legal resources to take on the Canada Revenue Agency. While you are distracted by other business and financial issues they will blindside you without at least offering to work with you to solve such issues.