POLL: Conservatives Lead Liberals By 5, People’s Party Below 1%

The Greens are catching up to the NDP.

A new Nanos poll shows the Conservatives leading the Liberals by 5 points, with the NDP far behind.

The Greens appear to be nipping at the NDP’s heels, while the People’s Party has fallen below 1%.

Here are the top-line numbers:

Conservatives – 35.4%

Liberals – 29.7%%

NDP – 15%

Greens – 11.3%

Bloc – 4.4%

People’s – 0.9%

The Nanos poll generally shows a closer Conservative-Liberal race than most others, but they are in line with the trend of falling Liberal support and a Conservative lead.

The Greens have been having success in recent provincial elections and by-elections, and continue getting closer to the NDP, foreshadowing a possibly dramatic change on the left.

Meanwhile, the numbers aren’t looking good for Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party, who have recently been directing most of their attacks the Conservatives. At this point, the party appears to be struggling to resonate, with their poll numbers either stagnant or falling. Additionally, just 1.6% picked Maxime Bernier as their top choice for Prime Minister. Bernier trails every other leader, including Jagmeet Singh and Elizabeth May on that question.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube