POLL: Conservatives Lead Liberals By 5, People’s Party Below 1%

The Greens are catching up to the NDP.

A new Nanos poll shows the Conservatives leading the Liberals by 5 points, with the NDP far behind.

The Greens appear to be nipping at the NDP’s heels, while the People’s Party has fallen below 1%.

Here are the top-line numbers:

Conservatives – 35.4%

Liberals – 29.7%%

NDP – 15%

Greens – 11.3%

Bloc – 4.4%

People’s – 0.9%

The Nanos poll generally shows a closer Conservative-Liberal race than most others, but they are in line with the trend of falling Liberal support and a Conservative lead.

The Greens have been having success in recent provincial elections and by-elections, and continue getting closer to the NDP, foreshadowing a possibly dramatic change on the left.

Meanwhile, the numbers aren’t looking good for Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party, who have recently been directing most of their attacks the Conservatives. At this point, the party appears to be struggling to resonate, with their poll numbers either stagnant or falling. Additionally, just 1.6% picked Maxime Bernier as their top choice for Prime Minister. Bernier trails every other leader, including Jagmeet Singh and Elizabeth May on that question.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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The Conservatives will be leading by much more than 5 points as they have Trudeau on their side working his ass off to make sure the Conservatives win in Oct. with a majority.


You will see Trudeau do ANYTHING to be reelected including computer tampering of votes.
Jail time is calling his name if not and he knows this!


Obviously too many Canadians still do not do their homework, like Lieberals and NDP, the greens are anti oil and gas ( but have no other sensible alternative that really is close to marketable, just like the other two radical environmental communist parties) they are also UN new world order and for one world for the elites controlling every world ? “citizen”, same group all of them, if we want a real democracy and fair law and order for all of , not their communist “social justice” if we want to have the right to eat want we need, instead… Read more »


How can the Liberals be within 5 points of the conservatives?

alan skelhorne

wait a minute, is the nanos poll, ran by the liberals, trudeau is probably way down, but they have to make king justin look good.


Justin Trudeau and his liberal cult can be 2% in the polls but when it comes to election he will get all the votes from the illegals and media and a few liberal voters. So really Spencer, numbers mean nothing to liberals. Again, they already know how much votes are there to garner them a re election.
Poll numbers might mean something for the opposition parties.

Brian Dougan

Trudeau’s corrupt Libranos are only five points behind the Conservatives–led by Howdy Doody? Maxime Bernier–a solid man of principle–gets under one percent?? How is that even remotely possible?? This country has lost it’s mind.

shawn harris

Trudeau has done a masterful job of self destructing in the polls, those acting classes have really paid off for him and his Liberal party. Trudeau did say he was going to do politics differently and wow has he ever done politics differently, just look at the polling results over the last year. He has gone from leading the conservatives and being comfortable about winning another majority government to now desperately trying anything and everything to just hang onto power, while seeing a continuous slide in his popularity and chances of still being PM. At this rate he will not… Read more »

Robert Daigneault

The problem here is why are there still sheeples wanting to vote fiberal ???? With all the scandals, the below zero transparency, every country in the world hating turdgrope and much more, what the WTF ????