Scheer Slams Trudeau’s Symbolic ‘Climate Emergency’ Motion, Says It’s Distraction From ‘Political Emergency’

With Trudeau afraid of losing power and losing votes to the Greens, Scheer is accurately pointing out how suspect the timing is.

Justin Trudeau is trying to push a climate ’emergency’ motion.

It’s obviously not a coincidence that the ’emergency’ declaration comes after the Liberals got crushed in a recent BC byelection which was won by the Green Party.

Both Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh appear to be panicking, with Singh saying Canada can’t use fossil fuels “at all,” and Trudeau bring up the ’emergency.’

In response, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has accurately pointed out that what Trudeau is really worried about is the ‘political emergency’ he’s facing.

“Speaking after caucus, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is asked re govt motion to declare climate emergency; says is “symbolic gesture that will do nothing to actually reduce emissions” & says PM is “desperately trying to change the channel” amid “political emergency”

Trudeau is desperate.

His poll numbers are terrible.

His popularity has collapsed.

He faces endless scandals.

So, when politicians like Trudeau get desperate they try to change the conversation, and that’s exactly what he’s attempting to do.

Unfortunately for him, with the recent revelation that Ontario Liberal MPs listed the environment way back at 7th most important issue, it seems even his own colleagues aren’t buying into his BS.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Elizabeth Thorne

Just call an election Justine and put us all out of our misery. PLEASE


Hopefully Canadians are not dumb enough to believe anything any Lieberal says as they have all been going along with the elite “UN one world” for the LIEberal lies or the NDP or the Greens
Scheer and the Conservatives are FOR all Canadians and Canada, and it will take a long time to fix the disasters created by these ecco communist one world puppet parties.

peter black

The scam is crumbling around the world. Environmental Communism is a dream of idiots and fraudsters egged on by a corrupt United Nations.

S. Willis

I want to see the Liberal party flat-lined in the upcoming election but these Liberal MPs in Ontario deserve special attention to be booted. They all vigorously bobblehead yes to every word Trudeau speaks in the HoC about the horrid Carbon Tax, yet they secretly rank climate as #7 on their list of priorities. Ontarians must make sure that these fools are voted out. Check for your riding if you live in Ontario. • Omar Alghabra Mississauga Centre, Ontario • Gary Anandasangaree Scarborough — Rouge Park, Ontario • Chandra Arya Nepean, Ontario • Vance Badawey Niagara Centre, Ontario • Hon. Navdeep Bains… Read more »

Bill Donaldson

“Climate emergency” is an invention by the green movement that is really just theft and corruption the term, “emergency.” Most people understand that an emergency is “an unforeseen or sudden occurrence, esp of a danger demanding immediate remedy or action” ( The so-called “climate emergency” does not meet that standard. So why? So-called emergencies have been used by autocrats and governments to seize control of territory, economic sectors, banks, people’s savings, infrastructure, populations and any of those combined. We know these as “states of emergency.” It just might be that it is control that green warriors seek; control of us,… Read more »