Trump Gives Conrad Black Full Pardon

The former Canadian media mogul had spent about 42 months in prison in the United States.

Conrad Black has received a full pardon from US President Donald Trump.

Black had been convicted of fraud and obstruction of justice in the United States, and spent about 42 months in prison.

However, nearly all of the charges faced by Black were overturned by a higher court, and many feel he was unfairly prosecuted.

The White House praised Black for his commitment to helping others – including his help tutoring people in prison – his assistance to charity, and his entrepreneurial success.

Black is respected by many in Canada, particularly for his founding of the National Post and his efforts to broaden the political discussion and debate in Canada.

Photos of a White House statement on the pardon can be read below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ken (Kulak)

That is more good news. Now, maybe Conrad Black can rethink why he supported the destructive political monstrosity that is our current pm.

old white guy

The America justice system has proven to anything but. Black was railroaded by an idiot prosecutor who violated American law with his prosecution. Much like Mueller’s dog and pony show only Black did not have the power of the presidents office to fight them.


The Canadian Assange?

Doug Maenpaa

Outstanding !

Conrad never deserved the persecution he had to endure.
Methinks, while I cant prove it, he stood up to the globalists, who thought they could dictate how Conrad ran the newspapers…..Conrad being his own man, told ’em to FO.

So they made his life as miserable as they could do.
Trump rocks !


Let’s ask Conrad Black where Dominion Stores Pension went?? How it Disappeared!

David MacKAY

This complete pardon is so overdue The Chicago prosecution of Conrad Black epitomizes the legendary corruption of the American Justice system particularly in Chicago. In neither Canada nor Great Britain could Black have ever been prosecuted. In both Canada and Great Britain all that Black faced were in truth civil disagreements but never Criminal fraud. The Chicago Prosecutor twisted the allegations into into Criminal offenses that for conviction required false testimony, and suppression of evidence. The false testimony was obtained by extorting it from Blacks former partner on the promise of a lesser sentence. Black was later charged with obstruction… Read more »