More And More Canadians Being Hurt By High Gas Prices

Affordability crisis worsens.

With gas prices surging across Canada, more and more Canadians say they’re being hurt by the cost increases.

According to a new Angus Reid survey, 44% of Canadians say “rising gas prices where I live have made it harder for me to afford necessities.”

Meanwhile, 27% say they “neither agree or disagree” with that statement, while 29% disagree.

When it comes to the provincial breakdown, nearly half of Canadians in most provinces say the gas prices are making necessities less affordable:

BC – 50%

Alberta – 49%

Saskatchewan – 59%

Manitoba – 51%

Ontario – 46%

Quebec – 30%

Atlantic Canada – 52%

We can clearly see that – with the exception of Quebec – an immense number of Canadians across the country are struggling because of higher gas prices.

The survey also shows how brutally out-of-touch the elites are.

While the elites keep claiming people can use ‘other forms of transportation,’ the reality is that the overwhelming majority of Canadians need cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

76% of Canadians say they drive either a car, truck, or motorcycle “most days/multiple times per week.”

So, Canadians need vehicles, and the vast majority of those vehicles are gas powered. That means any carbon tax and hike to gas taxes will hurt Canadians and make life even less affordable.

And Canada was facing an affordability crisis even before the carbon tax was imposed.

This means that, as long as Trudeau remains in power, things will keep getting even worse.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter