‘COINCIDENCE’: After Taking The Fall For Trudeau On Horrible Treatment Of Admiral Norman, General Vance Gets Big Raise… From Trudeau

Trudeau has sent yet another signal that those who do his bidding will be rewarded, while people like Norman who stand up for the Canadian People will be punished.

Recently, General Vance threw himself under the bus on behalf of Justin Trudeau, saying the decision to kick Vice-Admiral Mark Norman out of his role was ‘mine and mine alone.’

We realize how that claim came at a very convenient time for Trudeau, and happened when Trudeau was facing significant criticism for how horribly Norman was treated by the government.

Naturally, someone who throws themselves under the bus like that would be expecting a reward, especially because Justin Trudeau has made it clear that those who do his bidding will be rewarded.

Now, we find out what that reward appears to be.

As reported by the Ottawa Citizen, “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has recommended a wage increase for Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. John Vance, boosting his salary’s upper limit to $306,500. The raise is retroactive to April 1, 2018. The raise has been approved and the salary range is $260,600 to $306,500.

“Her Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, fixes the remuneration and certain conditions of employment of General Jonathan H. Vance, Chief of the Defence Staff, as set out in the annexed schedule, which salary is within the range ($260,600 – $306,500), effective April 1, 2018,” according to the May 9 orders in council notice.”

And for a supposedly ‘transparent government,’ the report also notes “The actual salary Vance receives is protected by the privacy act.”

Of course, we will be told that Vance helping Trudeau and Trudeau giving him a raise ‘have nothing to do with each other,’ that it’s ‘totally unrelated,’ and that it’s just a ‘coincidence.’

But after all we’ve seen from this government, and the endless corruption, dishonesty, and deception, why should we believe anything they or their paid-off establishment media cronies say?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube