BREAKING: Court Rules BC Government Plan To Restrict Alberta Oil Is UNCONSTITUTIONAL

Federal government has exclusive jurisdiction over pipeline that cross multiple provinces says court.

In a huge win for Alberta and for Canadian prosperity, a BC court of appeal has ruled that the BC governments restriction on Alberta oil shipments is unconstitutional.

The court says the federal government has sole jurisdiction over inter-provincial pipelines.

It’s a good, common-sense ruling, since nationwide infrastructure must be the domain of the federal government. Otherwise, things like building roads, power infrastructure, pipelines, and more would be put at risk.

This boosts the chances for the TransMountain pipeline, and also makes it clear that the Energy East Pipeline could be restarted and constructed, even if the Quebec government opposes it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Great news, now we NEED Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives n power so these pipelines can be built!

Thomas Tass

Oh oh…..what to do now Liberals?

William Roberts

BC wants to restrict pipelines but wants oil and gas from Alberta. Isn’t that called bi-polar or something like that?