Ford Government Decision To End The Crazy Beer Store Monopoly Is A Big Win For Consumers & Free Market

Decentralizing sale of beer and letting corner stores sell it is a common-sense move that finally treats taxpayers like adults.

The decision by the Ford Government in Ontario to end the deal signed by the former Liberal government with the Beer Store is a great move for taxpayers and the free market.

The deal had absurdly given a monopoly to the Beer Store over beer sales in the province, which limited availability and hurt convenience.

It was also a totally unnecessary centralization of product availability that represented the nanny-state mindset of the Wynne Liberals.

The reality is, giving that monopoly to the Beer Store was a crazy decision.

Now, the deal is being scrapped, as the Ontario Government introduced the “Bringing Choice and Fairness to the People Act.”

The Beer Store is innocently named, but is actually controlled by three Global beer corporations. Every sale at the beer store is a sale opportunity denied to local, Canadian-owned corner stores.

With the Beer Store out of the way, the door will be opened for those local Canadian-owned stores to sell beer to Ontarians.

So, it’s a great move for the free market, and for consumers, who will be treated like adults and will be given greatly enhanced convenience.

Beer is a legal product, and should be easily available to everyone of the legal age to buy it.

Below, you can see Tweets from Doug Ford and Vic Fedeli on the Beer Store announcement:

“We’re committed to increasing choice, convenience and fairness for consumers and businesses by introducing legislation to end the decades-old near-monopoly on beer sales.”

“We promised to put people first. One of the ways to achieve this is to put an end to the sweetheart deal three global beer giants negotiated with the previous Liberal government. Ontario is going to see true choice, convenience and fairness.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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I’m all in favor even though I dont drink beer. Wine should be as easily accessible.

Conservative solutions and less government in our lives are a win/ win. If only we didn’t have the lunacy in BC.

Shawn Harris

Finally the penny has dropped from the eyes of government. Before they would allow you to buy beer only according their strict rules, which meant that even though you were adults, you were in fact untrustworthy children in the eyes of government. Now the hypocrisy is being removed and we can all look forward to more of this new way of thinking. Who new, we would one day be seen as equal adults, capable of making sound rational decisions, without the nanny state government to lead us by the hand on every decision in our lives. And since when should… Read more »