WATCH: Jerry Dias Laughably Claims Unifor Being On Media Bailout Panel Is About ‘Free Speech’

He can’t really be that clueless…

Jerry Dias continues to double-down on Unifor’s appointment to the Media Bailout panel, and his arguments are getting more and more laughable by the day.

His latest response to the criticism of Unifor’s inclusion is that it’s about ‘free speech.’

You can watch his comments in the video below:

“UNIFOR Boss @JerryPDias says the decision to appoint his openly anti-Conservative union to the panel helping lay out the criteria for who qualifies for the gov’ts $600 million media bail out won’t impact journalist integrity. #ctvqp #cdnpoli”

Dias then later said “I reiterated my belief in the editorial integrity of Cdn journalists.”

Of course, if Dias really wanted to support Canadian journalism, he would have rejected Trudeau’s horrendous move to put Unifor on the bailout panel.

By escalating his attack on Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives, by praising the Trudeau government, and by continuing to defend Unifor being on the panel, Dias is repeatedly undermining what shreds of confidence Canadians may have had in the establishment press.

Trudeau’s move to appoint Unifor is a blatant and aggressive power-grab, part of Trudeau’s attempt to co-opt the media and turn it into a tool of the Liberal government.

Every move Dias is making continues to reinforce the fact that Trudeau is using the media bailout as an anti-democratic assault on the Opposition and on Freedom of the Press.

And the idea that the government is giving money to the media is exactly the opposite of free speech, something Dias is either clueless of, or is pretending not to know since ignoring it serves his interests.

Either way, this a very dangerous moment for Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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