Justin Trudeau Announces He’s Giving $1.4 BILLION More Of Our Tax Dollars To Foreign Countries

How about helping Canadians instead?

The Trudeau Liberals are continuing their policy of giving away tons of our money to foreign countries – even as serious problems here at home go unaddressed.

Justin Trudeau made the announcement a speech, in which he revealed that the government is taking a whopping $1.4 BILLION more from taxpayers and giving it away outside our borders.

Here’s what the Globe & Mail reported on the massive foreign spending binge:

“Canada will increase its international support for women and girls’ health and rights to $1.4-billion annually over the next decade, with $700-million of that yearly spending dedicated to sexual and reproductive needs, Mr. Trudeau said. He made the announcement in Vancouver at Women Deliver, an international conference on gender equality that brings together world leaders, advocates and academics from more than 165 countries.”

Trudeau called it a ‘game changer’:

“With $700-million of the annual investment dedicated to the sexual and reproductive health rights, we’re focusing on the most neglected areas of this field.”

“This should not be a political issue. These divisions are playing out globally with devastating consequences and women deserve better,” he added.

Trudeau also said Canada was ‘stepping up,’ though his idea of ‘stepping up’ appears to mean forcibly taking money from Canadians and giving it foreign countries:

“Before we can even talk about girls’ education, we have to talk about sexual, reproductive health rights. We need to talk about maternal, newborn, child health. Those are the things that Canada is stepping up while other countries are stepping back on their investments, playing politics with it. Canada is stepping up. We understand that [this investment] is essential to moving forward in a holistic way that respects women and empowers them to build a better future for themselves, their kids, their families, their community.”

Those words all sound nice, but this is actually a betrayal of Canadian taxpayers.

The Canadian government exists to serve Canadians – not the world. That should be clear enough from the fact that it’s called the ‘CANADIAN’ government, not the ‘world government.’

But Trudeau and many of the political elites seem bored by the idea of solving problems in Canada and helping Canadians. Instead, they like to virtue-signal on the world stage, knowing that they’ll get fawning media coverage if they just repeatedly give away the money that is supposed to be going to their own citizens.

Instead of giving our tax dollars away, we need to end foreign aid and spend that money on the Canadian People.

“Slash foreign aid. Focus on Canadians. The job of the Canadian government is to help Canadians, not people in other countries. That’s what private voluntary donations are for. Canadian Citizens must always be the priority of the federal government. Anything less is a betrayal.”


Spencer Fernando

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