Justin Trudeau Announces He’s Giving $1.4 BILLION More Of Our Tax Dollars To Foreign Countries

How about helping Canadians instead?

The Trudeau Liberals are continuing their policy of giving away tons of our money to foreign countries – even as serious problems here at home go unaddressed.

Justin Trudeau made the announcement a speech, in which he revealed that the government is taking a whopping $1.4 BILLION more from taxpayers and giving it away outside our borders.

Here’s what the Globe & Mail reported on the massive foreign spending binge:

“Canada will increase its international support for women and girls’ health and rights to $1.4-billion annually over the next decade, with $700-million of that yearly spending dedicated to sexual and reproductive needs, Mr. Trudeau said. He made the announcement in Vancouver at Women Deliver, an international conference on gender equality that brings together world leaders, advocates and academics from more than 165 countries.”

Trudeau called it a ‘game changer’:

“With $700-million of the annual investment dedicated to the sexual and reproductive health rights, we’re focusing on the most neglected areas of this field.”

“This should not be a political issue. These divisions are playing out globally with devastating consequences and women deserve better,” he added.

Trudeau also said Canada was ‘stepping up,’ though his idea of ‘stepping up’ appears to mean forcibly taking money from Canadians and giving it foreign countries:

“Before we can even talk about girls’ education, we have to talk about sexual, reproductive health rights. We need to talk about maternal, newborn, child health. Those are the things that Canada is stepping up while other countries are stepping back on their investments, playing politics with it. Canada is stepping up. We understand that [this investment] is essential to moving forward in a holistic way that respects women and empowers them to build a better future for themselves, their kids, their families, their community.”

Those words all sound nice, but this is actually a betrayal of Canadian taxpayers.

The Canadian government exists to serve Canadians – not the world. That should be clear enough from the fact that it’s called the ‘CANADIAN’ government, not the ‘world government.’

But Trudeau and many of the political elites seem bored by the idea of solving problems in Canada and helping Canadians. Instead, they like to virtue-signal on the world stage, knowing that they’ll get fawning media coverage if they just repeatedly give away the money that is supposed to be going to their own citizens.

Instead of giving our tax dollars away, we need to end foreign aid and spend that money on the Canadian People.

“Slash foreign aid. Focus on Canadians. The job of the Canadian government is to help Canadians, not people in other countries. That’s what private voluntary donations are for. Canadian Citizens must always be the priority of the federal government. Anything less is a betrayal.”


Spencer Fernando

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George Soros wins over another…

Ripper Oakley

This idiot has lost it. He is out of control. How about looking in your own backyard prior to attempting to fix others.
All of this for UN seat.
What a stupid idiot this PM is.
He has lost touch with reality and what is important.


There is a problem with country and the people in it…no one sticks together. Everyone is out for themselves. People should unite and get rid of this comunist that is in power. It’s only going to get worse.

William Jones

You betcha, sir — that it will — and it is ‘we’ who are at fault because we are too trusting — perhaps ‘gullable’ would be more appropriate — eh?

Major Tom

How much is he donating from his trust fund?


Justin the traitor takes but never gives . he pretends to give but somehow the money manages to remain close by.
How we know, the media is not talking yet, when PMSH was giving money to some needed people, the media was on the ball tracking that money to it’s rightful destination and if one dollar goes amiss, lo and behold the media will harp on it for that missing dollar but not with their boss Trudeau, he does as he pleases.

Brian Dougan

It’s just another day in Paradise. Unicorns; fairies of all kinds; money trees; anything goes. Come….your budget will balance itself.

Ray Decorby

The inmates are running the assilum…and they have my credit card.


If memory serves, Canadian taxpayers already handed $20 million over to the Clinton Health Access Initiative, a charity which is part of the Clinton Foundation.

The liberal party, led by Trudeau, committed $650 million in their 2017 budget as foreign aid to specifically address gaps in sexual and reproductive health and rights in the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities.

Another $1.4 BILLION well spent by “tax and spend” liberals and Trudeau.


This is insane what he is doing why did he not use this money to fight carbon in the air because it is false. He is destroying Canadians hopes of being successful taxing everyone to death wants to disarm us so he can carry on his ways. I call it treason to us and our Canada.


“Reproductive health rights” and “women’s health’ are euphemisms leftists use because they can’t quite bring themselves to say ABORTION. If there is nothing wrong with abortion, why can’t they say the word?

And Trudeau is our most pro abortion PM ever, he’s to the left of dear old dad, who was extremely liberal himself on social issues.

Moe S.

Canadian taxpayers did not give Justin Trudeau permission or the authority to spend our hard earned money on his personal global causes. There’s a difference between giving someone a hand-up than giving someone a handout. A handout means you (Trudeau) have to steal what’s in your hand from someone (Canadian taxpayers) else’s hand.

Keith Hehn

Actually they did give him permission when they voted for him. We can fix it in October but only th3 voters can fix it. Let’s hope they do

William Jones

And now, Keith (the 5th of November) we know the ugly truth — ‘hoping’ didn’t do it.

Dale Bishop

Most of Canada’s foreign aid goes to the Middle East and Africa,you know those bastions of democracy.So I’m sure every dollar is accounted for.


You’re absolutely right & it enrages me. The cost of living gets higher every week & it’s b c of him & his partners-in-crime.


I am all for helping people, but Canadians need help as well. Just a matter of priorities.


Dear prime minister turdeau. I now consider myself and my immediate family to be a “country”. Please let me know where I can pick up my cheque soonest.

Duncan Anderson

Hmm sounds all good and dandy doesn’t….. just one problem or is that many problems. First on where does he find $1.5 billion just like that to give away, when we currently have a TOTAL Federal deficit of over $1.3 TRILLION and he is all ready running about a $35 BILLION deficit this year alone already? Next is, why could he not have spend that money on bringing clean fresh water to the people of the north that do not even have clean drinking water. Or, why could he not spend the money on improving the food delivery service for… Read more »

David MacKAY

When a leader can give away billions jeopardizing a nations economy without parliamentary hearings and debate and simply create irresponsible new taxes that is not a leader, that is a Dictator and your democracy has ceased to function.


WOMEN? WHAT WOMEN?. He has no regards for women or their needs.

That money for women internationally is just a ploy into believing that he is ‘giving’ money to them for their needs which I doubt he is doing since they are beneath him. And since the bribed media will not do any investigation into the whereabouts of our money then I guess it’s up to us to do the investigating. Right Spencer?

David MacKAY

Is anyone doing the math? It appears that annually Trudeau is giving away over 20 billion dollars a year – all to foreign nations and UN intersts and the use of those funds is not audited.
Bullys and Dictators do that.


Most Canadians are so asleep they’ll never even hear about this let alone do anything about it.


Yes, CDN’s are asleep, & WE allow the CBC & CTV to lie & cover for him. The $600 million they got as a bribe from him ( w/ OUR $$$$), has worked to muzzle the media. It’s sickening. Where is the opposition????

Greg allan

I think it’s about time these other countries help us

Thomas Tass

Canadians are weak and deserve what they get


Trudeau should help his own country, as a First Nations woman , why can’t the goof Help his own Country??? Homeless and shitty housing, hungry people and this goof gives away ,1.4 billion to foreigner?? Really? Is he delusional?

Elizabeth Thorne

We the people need to FIRE HIM.

Jason LeBlanc

In 2016-17 year, the Federal government alone spent $311 Billion. This initiative is an increase from $1.1 B to $1.3 annually by 2023. Ashamed, disgusted, disappointed, all come to mind seeing the weak and indifferent complain. As if Canadian humanitarian efforts are another easy place to point another finger, another excuse for why the life you know you’ve wasted is so pathetic. That damn humanitarian aid. Our reputation around the world for kindness, strength, manners, stoicism and decency. Previous generations earned it. A snap shot of today’s ignorance and hate would be night and day, some of the cowards I’ve… Read more »


Also, once the money has been donated it cannot be traced as to end use…I always wondered if a portion of it (kickback) didn’t end up in offshore accounts with which our politicians and bureaucrats are very familiar.

Moe S.

You’re not far off the mark with the kickback suspicion. Read somewhere the Clinton Foundation under the pretense of helping Haiti, there were suspicions of kickbacks.


More than suspicions…just ask the missionaries who were there to build schools, & had to leave b c of the massive corruption & the missing $billions. Only 6 houses built w/ all that money…no roads, no infrastructure of any kind.

Gilles Grand-Maitre

He lost my vote a while back. Take care of us first you idiot

William Jones

Just how is this possible? I clearly remember ‘him’ responding to a veteran questioning why veterans were not properly funded and the response went along this line: “You are asking for too much.” Perhaps I heard wrong? Perhaps my understanding of the English language is faulty? Perhaps I did not hear that? H’mmm, makes one wonder, eh? But we all know the truth.


Please have the guts to give me a direst answer that all can see.


Or maybe you cant because the NSA are winning the media war – god know ive been censored globally