Surprise, Surprise: Carbon Tax ‘Rebates’ Are Far Smaller Than Promised

A total shock to… absolutely nobody.

As you and I well have been saying and predicting for some time, it turns out the carbon tax ‘rebates’ being issued by the Trudeau government are much smaller than the government had promised.

We knew this would happen, as a government never brings in a new tax without ensuring that the tax increases government revenue – otherwise they wouldn’t bring it in in the first place.

And since the carbon tax is obviously a tax grab, we could be sure that the promised ‘rebates’ would fall far short.

Now, that has been made clear.

According to a CP report based on Canada Revenue Agency data, the average rebates are as much as 1/3rd lower than promised.

Here are the numbers:

New Brunswick: Actual rebate – $174, promised rebate – $248

Ontario: Actual rebate – $203, promised rebate – $300

Manitoba: Actual rebate – $231, promised rebate – $336

Saskatchewan: Actual rebate – $422, promised rebate – $598

Those rebates won’t even come close to offsetting the costs imposed by the carbon tax, which makes everything more expensive.

Some will try to defend the government and say the promised rebates were only based on estimates. But let’s be real here. Is it simply a coincidence that the actual rebate was far lower than the ‘estimate’ in every single instance?


Yet again, we see a broken promise from the Trudeau Liberals, and their carbon tax scam is well underway.

As I have been saying, people wouldn’t get the full promised ‘benefits,’ but would certainly be forced to pay the full tax.

While well-connected corporations get exemptions and breaks, Canadian households are being hit with the full brunt of the carbon tax, making Canada’a affordability crisis even more dire.

Not only has the government repeatedly used fear-mongering tactics to try and get us to buy into the carbon tax, but they sold it to Canadians under false pretenses, promising a benefit and then not delivering it.

Unfortunately, this is not a surprise, as over-promising, under-delivering, and flat out lying has been the key hallmark of the Trudeau Liberal government.

Spencer Fernando


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