BREAKING: Helicopter Crash Lands Onto Roof Of Manhattan Building

The pilot died in the crash.

A helicopter has crash-landed onto the roof of a building in Manhattan.

On Twitter, the FDNY said the crash happened at 787 7th Avenue.

787 Seventh Avenue is a 54-story building, close to Times Square.

Reports indicate the helicopter is still on top of the roof, as there has not been footage of debris falling to the ground.

It is believed one person has died in the crash. New York’s Governor says “there have been casualties,” but did not give further details.

In the video below, you can see the aftermath of the crash:

“787 7th ave, #midtown NYC. We’re 1 block south. 20 mins ago there was a loud sound like a too-low #helicopter & I looked up and saw sheet of flame on roof and then smoke. News reports saying helicopter/small plane crash onto roof which would be consistent with what I heard/saw.”

Authorities say there are no indications that the crash is terrorist-related.

Firefighters reportedly have the fire under control.

The US FAA is investigating.

You can watch LIVE coverage here:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter