Common Sense: Scheer Says MMIWG Tragedy Is Not Genocide

Since Canada’s PM is totally lacking in common sense, reasonableness will have to come from others.

As Justin Trudeau ties himself in virtue-signalling knots, first not using the term ‘genocide,’ then using it, then saying it’s ‘cultural genocide,’ it is clear that there’s no common sense in the federal government.

Canada has now been opened up to a ‘genocide investigation.’

Thankfully, not all Canadian leaders have taken leave of their sense.

In contrast to Justin Trudeau’s degrading of Canada on thew world stage, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says MMIWG is not a genocide:

“Every single life lost is a tragedy and has a huge impact on families and loved ones, and there are concrete things the government, all levels of government, can do to help protect vulnerable people in our society, specifically Indigenous women and girls.”

“That being said, the ramifications of the term genocide are very profound. That word and term carries a lot of meaning. I think the tragedy involved with missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls is its own thing, its own tragedy, and doesn’t fall into that category of genocide.”

Scheer is correct, and it’s important that he is willing to show some nuance on the issue.

MMIWG is certainly tragic, is certainly horrible, and certainly must be addressed. But that can be done – and must be done – without using the incorrect term ‘genocide,’ a word that simply doesn’t accurately apply here and which puts Canada in a very dangerous situation.

Canada needs leaders who are willing to look out for the best interests of our country, and that means leaders need to support and defend Canada’s reputation, instead of accusing their own country of horrendous crimes.

Scheer will likely get attacked by the far-left extremists for refusing to use the term ‘genocide,’ but for the vast majority of Canadians, what Scheer is doing is simply a rational and reasonable approach to a difficult and tragic issue.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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The shiny pony should be tried for war crimes. Against Canada!


Can we get rid of the LIEberals now? How much more do they get to get away with and cost Canada on their “one world” stage,
Thank you Andrew Scheer and Conservatives for common sense, before we all loose it.


Mr Scheer the Conservative Party of Canada is going to inherit one very large basket of challenges. One of those challenges that has not been mentioned is all these fringe groups taking money from foreign sources and attack the very heart beat of Canada. There has to be something put in place to deal with that situation. I am not sure what that would like but there is someone who will. One thing for sure Trudeau’s mess is so out there every one knows what his actions have done to our great country. Do not forget about the fringe groups… Read more »

Clive Edwards

“Give the man (er, Boy Wonder) a top hat and shiny cane – he’s about to do an encore tap dancing on the world stage for our amusement while his accomplices in the audience pick our pockets and send our money overseas.”-+++++