CANADA’S BACK! Trudeau’s Personal Attempt To Call China’s Premier Was Ignored And Then Rejected

Another example of Trudeau’s total inability to defend Canada’s interests.

I’ve been saying for a long time that Justin Trudeau’s approach towards China is doomed to fail.

He refuses to show toughness – which China respects – and instead shows repeated pathetic weakness.

He refuses to retaliate when China escalates against us, sending the message that the Communist State can get away with whatever they want.

And now, it turns out he can’t even get a phone call with China’s Premier.

CBC is reporting that Trudeau personally tried to get a phone call with his counterpart in China – Premier Li Keqiang:

“Beijing ignored a personal attempt by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier this year to arrange a conversation with China’s premier in order to intervene on behalf of Canadians detained in China, CBC News has learned.”

Pathetically, it took a whole team of bureaucrats and 10 pages of secret redacted briefing notes to prepare Trudeau for the call.

Apparently, part of the briefing note even included telling Trudeau what to say (notice the supplicating tone):

“It was a pleasure to see you in Singapore in November. It was a good opportunity to review the many important mutually beneficial areas of cooperation,” say the suggested introductory talking points prepared for Trudeau and listed in the briefing note.

Yet, after all the preparation, China wouldn’t even take the call. Trudeau was ignored, and then his request for a call was rejected.

Trudeau garners neither fear, nor respect from China, so they see no reason to listen to him.

There’s no fear, since he refuses to retaliate, refuses to use any possible leverage (banning foreign homebuyers, banning Huawei, tariffs, etc…).

There’s no respect, because Trudeau keeps trying the same thing over and over again – playing nice an expecting that to somehow magically work out for him.

Justin Trudeau made a big deal of saying ‘Canada’s back’ when he took power, but now he can’t even set up a phone call and our nation is viewed as a weak and pathetic joke on the world stage.

Canada’s Back indeed.

Back of the line.

Back of the pack.

Back of the hand.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Thomas Tass

If the state propaganda organ CBC reports failure the crisis is greater than anyone could have imagined. Canada is seen as weak has been by most of today’s global and intergovernmental leaders.

Don Taylor

Trudeau has conned a lot of people into thinking he would make a good PM when the exact opposite is true,Canada has become the laughing stock of the world ,Investors wont even invest here because of Trudeau,he is a traitor

Clive Edwards

Turdo can’t ban foreign home buyers. Without that market Canada would lose it’s fine international reputation as a good place to launder money and a major port of entry for our “non-green” drug trade directly connected to that market.


Yeah. We have our very own Neville Chamberlain.

Eric Blair

Back to being a part time drama teacher again come October.

Sarina Cliplef

Hopefully. There are still MANY people who believe that he’s doing a great job.

Ken (Kulak)

Small Potato.

old white guy

Only very stupid Canadians are subject to his threats and tyranny. We allow him to destroy our freedom and create a police state at will. Yes, we are very stupid.

Sharon Kerr

Canada will never be back until this pathetic pm disappears off the world stage, we’ll have no more memes or someone to laugh at, and he can take his whole circus with him.


He’s made our once great country the laughing stock of the world.


Aaaahaaaaaahaaaaahaaaaa the Boy Blunder strikes again. Too funny.

Sarina Cliplef

Maybe he should send them all a Canada Goose jacket!


Sarina Canada Goose is made in China, just the labels are sown on here.