IPSOS POLL: Conservatives Lead, Trudeau Approval Hits New Low

The Liberals trail in every region except Quebec.

A new Ipsos poll shows the Conservatives remain in the lead, while Justin Trudeau’s approval rating has hit the lowest level recorded by the polling firm.

Here are the key national numbers:

Conservatives – 37%

Liberals – 31%

NDP – 18%

Greens – 6%

Bloc – 5%

Unlike other recent polls, Ipsos has the Greens far behind the NDP.

When it comes to the regional numbers, the Liberals lead only in one province, trailing everywhere else.

In BC, the Conservatives have 33%, compared to the Liberals at 28%.

In Alberta, the Conservatives are at 55%, while the Liberals trail with 24%.

In Saskatchewan/Manitoba, the Conservatives have 40% to the Liberals at 31%.

In Ontario, the Conservatives lead with 38%, compared to the Liberals at 32%.

In Quebec, the Liberals lead with 37%, while the Conservatives are in second with 24%.

In Atlantic Canada, the Conservatives have opened up a substantial lead, with 44% of the vote compared to the Liberals at 28%.

Trudeau’s approval hits new low

The Ipsos survey shows Trudeau with an approval rating of 36%, which is a new low for Trudeau in the Ipsos poll. Other polls have him even lower, with some showing him below 30%.

In the Ipsos poll, Trudeau’s approval is down 2 points since April, and has fallen a whopping 14 points from a year ago at this time.

While different polls have numbers that vary from each other, the key thing to look for is long-term trends. The trend is clearly a decline in Trudeau’s approval rating over time, with the Conservatives consolidating their support at a level above their 2015 results.

If that trend continues, the Trudeau Liberals are in trouble. Still though, nothing is set in stone, and nothing can be taken for granted. The Liberals are doing everything they can to manipulate and control the establishment media, silence dissent on social media, and rig things in their favour.

Spencer Fernando

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