Two-Tier Justice: Liberals To Impose Tougher Penalties For Crimes Against Indigenous Women Than Against All Others

The justice system is supposed to treat all of us equally under the law. Otherwise, it’s not justice at all.

One of the foundations of our free and democratic nation is that we are all treated equally under the law.

Whenever our nation has strayed from that principle we have become weaker. Whenever we adhere to that principle, we become stronger.

That’s why it’s so disturbing to see what the Trudeau government is planning with Bill C-75, their justice system ‘reform’ legislation.

It turns out that the Liberals are planning to completely crush the principle of ‘equal under the law.’

Here’s what was reported by the National Post:

“The federal government will adopt changes to its criminal justice legislation, Bill C-75, that will require judges to consider harsher sentences in cases of violence against Indigenous women, according to a motion from Justice Minister David Lametti.

Lametti told reporters on Monday that the changes to the bill are “in the spirit of the inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls,” which made several recommendations for changes to the Criminal Code aimed at applying stiffer penalties to those who commit crimes against Indigenous women.”

According to the government, the changes “seek to ensure that sentencing judges take into account (i.e. treat more seriously) the increased vulnerability of Indigenous women as victims at sentencing for all violent offences.”

That is totally messed up.

It means that the same crime committed against two women could result in a harsher sentence against the criminal who attacked an Indigenous woman, while a weaker punishment would be levelled against the criminal who attacked a woman of any other race or background.

There are already concerns:

“But the changes are a source of concern for Jonathan Rudin, program director of Toronto-based Aboriginal Legal Services, who believes the amendments will simply result in “more incarceration,” and will have a negative impact on vulnerable Indigenous people.”

Of course, those who commit crimes should be punished. So the problem isn’t tougher penalties, the problem is that those penalties are only going to be applied to crime against certain people, rather than all.

It’s Two-Tiered justice, and it’s not justice at all. It’s dangerous, and it’s a disgrace.

Crimes against all Canadians, regardless of background, need to be taken equally seriously. No Canadian is either more or less important because of our race. We are all part of the same Canadian Family, which provides us all with worth and dignity worthy of being respected.

Yet, by imposing two-tier justice, the Trudeau government is insulting tens of millions of Canadians, dividing our nation, and putting their obsessive virtue-signalling ahead of Canada’s values and ahead of the good of the Canadian People.

We must oppose this.

We must reject the Liberals attempt to impose Two-Tier justice on our great nation.

Spencer Fernando

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