BIASED: 3 Of Elections Canada’s ‘Non-Partisan’ ‘Influencers’ Made Pro-Trudeau, Anti-Conservative Comments

And they wonder why so many people have doubts about Elections Canada?

Recently, I wrote and Tweeted about why Elections Canada cannot be trusted:

“Considering How Corrupt The System Has Become, We Can’t Trust Elections Canada.”

Some on the far-left criticized my article, yet we now have even more evidence about how right it is.

Elections Canada had planned to put together a video of so-called ‘non-partisan’ ‘influencers,’ to ostensibly encourage youth to vote.

However, it quickly turned out that not all of those ‘influencers’ were non-partisan. And unsurprisingly, they turned out to be biased against the Conservatives and/or biased in favour of the Liberals.

Three of the influencers, Ashley Callingbull, Maayan Ziv, and Lilly Singh all had past problematic statements for supposed ‘non-partisans’:

“The Conservatives quickly pointed to past partisan activity by at least three of the 13, including a 2016 tweet by Ziv about being “in that @JustinTrudeau afterglow” and a September 2015 tweet by Callingbull calling on First Nations to vote out Stephen Harper’s Conservative government.

They also unearthed a 2015 Instagram post in which Singh thanked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for a gender-balanced cabinet, welcoming refugees, acknowledging abuse to Indigenous Peoples and for “leading with compassion and not creating division or fear. The post was accompanied by the hashtag “#mancrushfriday.”‘

And, as Dean Skoreyko noted on Twitter, there even appears to be a Tweet from one of the influencers comparing Stephen Harper to the most evil leader of all time:


Facing a severe backlash, the ‘influencers’ program has been scrapped.

But serious questions still remain.

First of all, why were the influencers paid ahead of time?

The government gave them the money, before deciding to cancel, yet the money is still gone.

And how was this all ‘missed’ in the vetting?

These are Tweets and comments that could have been easily found ahead of time – before our taxpayer dollars were given out.

Of course, we know what is really happening here. Elections Canada tried getting a bunch of pro-Liberal, anti-Conservative people to put together an official video, and simply assumed they wouldn’t get caught.

Then, once they were busted, they were forced to backtrack.

That combination of incompetence and anti-Conservative bias is exactly why so many Canadians no longer trust Elections Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube