Did Trump Discuss Kidnapped Canadians With Xi? Canada, US Gov Won’t Say

Probably not…

Justin Trudeau had asked Donald Trump to bring up the case Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, the Canadians kidnapped by Communist China.

Trudeau was reduced to asking Trump, since China hasn’t been returning his calls, and hasn’t returned Chrystia Freeland’s calls either.

Trudeau’s weakened (AKA non-existent) negotiating position is in large part due to his refusal to retaliate against China’s repeated aggression towards Canada, which has sent a message of weakness and made it clear that Canada can be insulted, humiliated, and challenged without consequence.

With no formal meeting, Trudeau only had a short sideline convo with Xi at the G20, with nothing of substance emerging.

That meant any in-depth discussion would be left to Trump.

Yet, it seems that may not have happened.

Neither the Canadian nor American governments are saying whether Trump brought it up.

When Trudeau was asked, he said “We are confident that the President also brought that up, but you’ll have to ask him for details.”

However, according to the Globe & Mail, “One White House official said the administration would not be commenting on Mr. Trump’s discussions with Mr. Xi. Another White House source told The Globe and Mail to put its questions to the Canadian government. The source would not say why he believed Canada would have more information on the President’s conversations than Mr. Trump’s own staff. The officials spoke to The Globe on condition of anonymity.”

So, Canada says to ask the US.

The US says to ask Canada.


It seems likely that Trump didn’t bring it up, since it would be easy for the US to say he did.

Of course, this once again shows why Canada must be stronger as a nation, and not be as reliant on others.

We need to retaliate (banning Huawei would be a good start), in order to be respected again. Until that happens, we will continue to get pushed around and be seen as a joke by ruthless governments like Communist China.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

Trudeau has been a joke since day ONE,,How could anyone have faith in this weasel

Robert Abbott

To all Canadians, it is very clear we the people have to take action and support nothing Chinese. Do not purchase any thing made in China. The time has arrived to put all businesses on notice their support is required to send the message we the Canadian People are not the spineless Government in power at this time, are prepared and willing to do whatever is necessary to secure the release of the Canadians in captivity illegally in China. Release THEM now.

Thomas Tass

The reason that the Liberals have not challenged the PRC is a mystery since they seem to be confident when they virtue signal on all other issues 24/7. It seems that the PRC has the Liberals cowering and the smell of corruption is wafting through the air. Could it be that that the PRC leadership can very easily upend the Liberals re-election chances by revealing something or other? The spinelessness of the Liberals vis a vis the PRC’s bullying is revealing. Perhaps a few questions need to be put before the former Canadian ambassador to Beijing. Finally why would the… Read more »

Eleanor Merkus

I my opinion, it should not be up to Trump…. What kind of BS is that? The potato should do his own work. It’s his fault China doesn’t respect him…..


What are we paying him for, pretty selfies and useless world travel?

Trudeau is incapable of doing anything meaningful, so Canadians have to. Kindly but firmly insist that people you see using Huawei please not call or text you and to please shut them off. It would be best if they were to return the devices and exchange them for something safer like a unit made in S. Korea. Apple is now made in China so it is out.