PATHETIC: Trudeau Minister Jim Carr Meekly Says “We’re Waiting To Be Invited To China”

Is there even one person in the government who can show strength?

With China escalating yet again against our country – this time by taking away Michael Kovrig’s reading glasses – and taunting us not to be ‘naive, the pathetic display of weakness by the Trudeau government continues.

Mary Ng, the small business minister, and Peter Harder, the liberal senate leader, are currently in the Communist State. Of course, they aren’t doing anything about the detained Canadians.

Instead, they’re eating ice cream:

“What the hell is this? Trudeau government minister visiting Beijing and talking about ice cream? How about the kidnapped Canadians? More pathetic weakness from the cowardly Liberal government.”

Jim Carr, Trudeau’s international trade minister, was asked if – given the horrible treatment of Canadians by the Communist State – Canadian ministers should be visiting the country.

Here was his response:

“We’re waiting to be invited to China to be offered ministerial visas so we can talk about a whole range of important issues” – International Trade Minister Jim Carr, on if Minister’s should be visiting China while the two Micheal’s are in jail”

Really Jimmy?

“Waiting to be invited to China”?

How pathetic can this get?

China is escalating over and over and over again, and the only thing the Trudeau government does is ask for meetings.

How do they not realize that they’re only encouraging the mistreatment of more Canadians?

How do they not realize that they’re humiliating our nation and sending a message of weakness that is turning us into a laughingstock?

This is an absolute disgrace, and at this point it’s stunning that any of these Trudeau ministers are even willing to show their faces in public to defend this farce.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter