Trudeau Government Officials Visit China To Help Kidnapped Canadians Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor Eat Ice Cream


“Let them Eat Cake.”

Now, there’s a 2019 version.

“Let them Eat Ice Cream.”

You see, two Trudeau government officials – small business minister Mary Ng and Liberal senate leader Peter Harder are in Communist China.

Considering that Canadian Citizens Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor have been kidnapped by the Communist State, you would think that the only possible reason for a Trudeau government minister to be in China would be to advocate for their release.

That’s surely what you and I are thinking, and that’s because we have common sense.

But, that’s not what the Trudeau Liberals are doing.

No, instead of helping the kidnapped Canadians, they’re eating ice cream.

I wish I was joking, but the evidence doesn’t lie:

Liberals Eat IceCream In Communist China


Imagine what people are thinking looking at this.

As Kovrig has his eyeglasses taken by his Communist China jailers, as both he and Spavor and are held in rooms with the lights on 24 hours a day – in addition to whatever other horrors the Communists are putting them through – there are two Trudeau government officials in the country bragging about ice cream instead of trying to help their fellow citizens.

This out-of-touch arrogance is sickening.

As I said on Twitter, we’re at the point where this is going to become an election issue.

“Liberals eat ice cream in communist China instead of helping kidnapped Canadians.”

This amoral and out-of-touch stupidity is going to be an election issue. Our nation is being disrespected and humiliated, and our ‘own’ government is aiding and abetting it.”

This is what happens when Canada is led by ‘post-nationalists.’ They have no strength, no sense of real Patriotism, no strength, and no willingness to defend Canada.

Instead of fighting for Canadians in danger, they’re eating ice cream and taking photo ops.

That says it all.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Brian Dougan

Two yes men…Turdo’s stooges…eating ice cream in China…with three flaccid; Pearson era Liberal “flags” on the table. Empty men. Meaningless flags. “Being wimps is our strength!” Winning!!

Shawn Harris

This picture sums up the Trudeau government’s handling of the China problem perfectly. Trudeau the tone deaf , morally and ethically cognisantly dissonant PM, to the point of not seeing that he is the cause of the China problem. It is right up there with Trudeau taking a personal day instead of honouring a fallen Canadian soldier; Trudeau instead goes to the Raptor’s victory parade. Trudeau and his entire government have never had the moral courage and conviction to stand up for either what is right and proper, especially for Canadians like Michael kovrig and Michael Spavor. For Trudeau it… Read more »


Should anyone be surprised.After all both are just doing what libtards do.


I bet the prisoners would like to eat ice cream..