Despite Being Repeatedly Bailed Out By Taxpayers, Bombardier To Lay Off 550 Canadian Workers

By refusing to guarantee Canadian jobs in return for bailout funds, the federal government has screwed Canadians yet again.

Bombardier has been bailed out over and over again by Canadian taxpayers. In some cases, they’ve taken bailout funds, fired Canadian workers, and then given their CEOs a massive pay raise.

At the same time, they sold off some of their assets to foreign companies, reducing their national footprint in Canada.

And now, they’re cutting their Canadian workforce yet again.

Bombardier has announced that half of the workers at the Thunder Bay plant that produces rail cars.

The announcement was reported by the CP, based on information from a government source.

A key reason for these layoffs is that the federal government refused to use their leverage when Bombardier was begging for bailouts.

If Bombardier wanted taxpayer money, they should have been made to commit to an ironclad protection of Canadian jobs.

Instead, Trudeau and the feds just gave Bombardier our money without any guarantees, and now we can see the result of that failure.

So far, Bombardier has not commented.

Spencer Fernando

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Beverley Campbell

I am chanting, “not one nickel more”, “not one nickel more”, “not one nickel more”.


Was it Bombardier that was forgiven the $120 million tax payment?


Quebec and the Liberals gave Bombadeer billions in the last couple of years to save their horribly managed plane manufacturing. It was just sold for $550,000,000 . Where is that money? It belongs to Canadians.

Disconnect Bombadeer from life support and let nature take it’s course. Another billion from Trudeau is only going to force younger Canadians to pay for nothing.

alan skelhorne

so, Ontario is hit again, but no lay-offs in Quebec. I hope the people up north finally realise what this liberal government is doing to Canadians.


My God, when GM announced layoffs and the closing of the plant in Oshawa you’d have thought the government was going to start a war with GM. Unifor president Diaz with smoke coming out of his nostrils threated of all things strike action on a closing plant. It’ll be interesting to see their dog and pony show on this, I’m pretty sure they’ve known about this months Trudeau and Diaz would have had to give their blessing They’ll twist it into an election issue and blame Sheer or their good old stand by Harper. Trudeau will call it an emergency… Read more »

Truth Thrower

I agree Gary, we should never elect the government again that gave GM a $3 billion bailout with no guarantees not to kill 2500 jobs.

Brian Dougan

Layoffs in Thunder Bay. Go figure. Guess T. Bay’s not part of Turdo’s “they’re better” Quebec. Handouts to Quebec cronies. Billions of dollars in wasted foreign “aid.” Close to one billion dollar windfall to failing; conservative hating; “trusted” liberal news sources. Billions here–gazillions there. Over ten million smackers for Trudeau’s murderous Muslim Khadr–for his “pain and suffering.” Twelve million to Loblaws…for new freezers. Potentially billions more out of our pockets for a phony “carbon” tax scheme. Higher and higher gas prices–already sickeningly high. Can’t even drown your sorrows in beer or liquor–that’s taxed at over eighty percent. And on…and on…and… Read more »


Bombardier founder must be turning over in his grave as those who inherited it are the worse, most embarrassing Canadian company in history. They could not deliver a hot dog off a chip truck on time, on budget and without faults.

William Jones

Typically for this government, ‘blaming’ is the new political game. Blame them, blame those others, blame him, blame someone, but never, never accept responsibility. The new mantra of the Liberal Party of Canada.