Despite Being Repeatedly Bailed Out By Taxpayers, Bombardier To Lay Off 550 Canadian Workers

By refusing to guarantee Canadian jobs in return for bailout funds, the federal government has screwed Canadians yet again.

Bombardier has been bailed out over and over again by Canadian taxpayers. In some cases, they’ve taken bailout funds, fired Canadian workers, and then given their CEOs a massive pay raise.

At the same time, they sold off some of their assets to foreign companies, reducing their national footprint in Canada.

And now, they’re cutting their Canadian workforce yet again.

Bombardier has announced that half of the workers at the Thunder Bay plant that produces rail cars.

The announcement was reported by the CP, based on information from a government source.

A key reason for these layoffs is that the federal government refused to use their leverage when Bombardier was begging for bailouts.

If Bombardier wanted taxpayer money, they should have been made to commit to an ironclad protection of Canadian jobs.

Instead, Trudeau and the feds just gave Bombardier our money without any guarantees, and now we can see the result of that failure.

So far, Bombardier has not commented.

Spencer Fernando