POLL: Clear Majority Of Canadians Want Trudeau Liberals Booted From Power

Fewer than 1 in 3 Canadians say Trudeau should be re-elected.

There’s a strong mood for change among Canadians, with a new Ipsos poll showing a clear majority of Canadians want the Trudeau Liberals to lose power.

According to the poll conducted for Global News, just 32% of Canadians say the Trudeau government deserves to be re-elected.

By contrast, 67% say it is time for another party to take power.

Those are bad numbers for the Liberals, particularly because the 32% ‘deserve re-election’ number is far below the 39.7% of the vote they won in 2015.

While poll numbers go up and down, the ‘deserve re-election’ question is often indicative of the true level of support a party has. Very few are willing to vote for a party that they think doesn’t deserve to remain in power.

The fact that so much of the nation is against Trudeau after just four years in power is another example of how badly he has failed to bring Canadians together, and how tired many Canadians are of his endless broken promises and lies.

Spencer Fernando

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Ripper Oakley

If those morons get re-elected we are in more trouble than we are currently experiencing.


Epic fail would have to be used to describe shiny pony and his flock. Non party status is the best gift we can give the libs this fall to show our appreciation.


You are right! Canada can not survive another 4 years of this corrupt Government! Democratic societies value Free Speech and these values will be in peril unless the Trudeau Liberals are ousted!

Major Tom

…..booted……..and jailed…….

Don Taylor

Trudeau and his Govt ,come across as a Govt that can’t be trusted,Trudeau,Freeland and Mckenna are a Joke,this whole Govt is a joke with the Clown ,Turdeau leading it

Diane DiFlorio

Who are these 1 in 3 Canadians is my question? Seriously, what are these folks thinking?
Oh wait, they’re NOT !

don morris

They are the civil servants of this country who cheered when Trudeau won the election, and they will vote for him again this time. Scheer needs to attract the 10% of fence sitters to win.


I sincerely hope that the Canadian citizens haven’t forgotten about the crime spree of one socialist dictator trudope.It’s up to all law abiding conservatives to make sure trudope’s corruption against the Canadian citizens is brought before courts so justice can be levied.There’s been thousands of families bankrupted because of this socialist evil dictator.Libtards should never be able to gain power in Canada.When a voter gets to left let them remember of the total destruction that libtards cause every time they get power in free Canada.What! another billion dollars for a few thousand jobs.Thats par for the course.Tax,spend,lie,cheat,is the true policies… Read more »

Jack Flory

Can any Trudeau supporter give reasons why he should be voted in for another term?


Perfect question. Insist Liberal supporters justify their opinion.

Jack Flory

Can any Trudeau supporter give reasons why he should be voted in for another term


As their desperation increases, watch for the attacks, name calling, aggression, outright lies, blame and misdirection. Everything trudeau promised he wouldn’t do. Just another in a long list of lies.

Shawn Harris

It is said that governments defeat themselves; the Liberal party had a head start before the last election when they voted to install Justin Trudeau as their new leader. And now, Trudeau is showing Canada just how much of a leader he really is , by doing everything in his power to alienate himself, his party and Canadians from the Liberal party. Trudeau in his not so clever way, actually thinks, that lying is a virtue, being a massive uncontrollable spendthrift is a virtuous benefit to all Canadians and that dividing Canadians will always produce a more united and stronger… Read more »

David Henley

liberals are not even thinking. Many of the liberals elected still supporting this idiot. What is a liberal….giving Canada away make them feel better about themselves. Every liberal leader has done the same thing. Tax and spend. They do not represent a free nation. try to shut down anyone with an opinion that does not support their views. NEVER AGAIN

Coach Cal

What kind of drugs are 32% of the respondents on to say the Trudeau gov’t deserves to be re-elected .. That is truly horrifying that people find this behavior tolerable.

David Henley

How can any Canadian even think that the liberals should be in power. Are they just as corrupt as the liberals? Or maybe the polls are wrong. Just trying to boost a criminal out of the jail time he should have. We know how much money is at stake here. Talking billions of our money…The media trying hard to show some support for these criminals. NDP may as well take a walk with them since they have supported the liberals at every road.

William Jones

I have yet to hear and do not expect to hear and support for the Liberal Party of Canada, considering the clown act and lie, deceit and manipulations practiced by this government — nor should I.