Why Is Trudeau Silent On Communist China’s Concentration Camps?

And why aren’t the elitist media demanding he speak up on the brutality of China’s Communist government?

As always, whenever there’s a political dispute in the United States, the Canadian media elites demand that Canadian politicians make some sort of virtue-signalling statement.

Yet, why don’t those same media elites make those same demands when it comes to the concentration camps being operated by Communist China?

Millions of innocent Muslim people in China are being held in internment/concentration camps in the Chinese province of Xinjiang.

Yet there is almost total silence from Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, and the establishment press.

Why are they still pushing for endlessly more trade with a Chinese government that is running concentration camps?

Why aren’t they denouncing China’s concentration camps?

Why aren’t they issuing travel advisories?

Why aren’t they speaking out at the United Nations and condemning China repeatedly in UN Resolutions?

Because they are hypocritical cowards.

Trudeau and the establishment media elites are totally fine throwing Canada’s values into the garbage so they can make a few bucks from the Chicoms.

For all his virtue-signalling, Trudeau has absolutely no problem doing business with a brutal Communist regime throwing millions of innocent people into camps and operating a surveillance state that would make Big Brother blush.

“Canadian politicians are repeatedly expected to comment on partisan disputes in the US. But why aren’t they expected to comment on things like China’s brutal internment of millions of Uighur Muslims? If you’re looking for hate, racism, & concentration camps, look at China.”


So, when you hear our ‘leaders’ mouthing off about the United States, just remember that real political courage would mean denouncing the actual crimes being committed in the Communist State.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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