Why Is Trudeau Silent On Communist China’s Concentration Camps?

And why aren’t the elitist media demanding he speak up on the brutality of China’s Communist government?

As always, whenever there’s a political dispute in the United States, the Canadian media elites demand that Canadian politicians make some sort of virtue-signalling statement.

Yet, why don’t those same media elites make those same demands when it comes to the concentration camps being operated by Communist China?

Millions of innocent Muslim people in China are being held in internment/concentration camps in the Chinese province of Xinjiang.

Yet there is almost total silence from Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, and the establishment press.

Why are they still pushing for endlessly more trade with a Chinese government that is running concentration camps?

Why aren’t they denouncing China’s concentration camps?

Why aren’t they issuing travel advisories?

Why aren’t they speaking out at the United Nations and condemning China repeatedly in UN Resolutions?

Because they are hypocritical cowards.

Trudeau and the establishment media elites are totally fine throwing Canada’s values into the garbage so they can make a few bucks from the Chicoms.

For all his virtue-signalling, Trudeau has absolutely no problem doing business with a brutal Communist regime throwing millions of innocent people into camps and operating a surveillance state that would make Big Brother blush.

“Canadian politicians are repeatedly expected to comment on partisan disputes in the US. But why aren’t they expected to comment on things like China’s brutal internment of millions of Uighur Muslims? If you’re looking for hate, racism, & concentration camps, look at China.”


So, when you hear our ‘leaders’ mouthing off about the United States, just remember that real political courage would mean denouncing the actual crimes being committed in the Communist State.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Ripper cook

What do you expect? That moron of a PM still thinks China is an island.


Hypocritical cowards with a deep admiration for a basic dictatorship. What else would you expect from Castro jr?


The Lieberals and the elites have been selling Canada out to China for over 25 years, what all is involved? The Chinese have several of our elites and politicians in their pockets, Trudeau included. So they accepted this Chinese money and they must do as they are told, which is why I wonder if our two Canadians in China were in the Chinese pockets, I hope not but what were they really doing, with all the slant and lies and coverups, secrets and just plain corruption, the nasty games being played who knows, (they haven’t yet blamed it on Mr.… Read more »


Question is ” why isn’t big mouth Hussen, khalid, Trudeau and their bribed media are not in China DEMANDING the release of those muslims and at the same time demanding other nations for the release of innocent Christians, Jews?”

Steve O

What would you expect….both his real father and his surrogate father were full blown communists !!!

David MacKAY

Throughout history there have been foolish leaders like Trudeau. Foolish leaders like Trudeau do whatever they want to their own people. But when Foolish unarmed leaders push the external envelope, and push it to far. They are warned off in no uncertain terms and are guaranteed that should they persist they may simply cease to exist. It results in their silence. Trudeau foolishly messed with China when the previous Conservatives as well as previous Liberals had all honorably worked with the Chinese Oil, Gas and Coal interests. Trudeau refused to continue the contractual obligations of his predecessors and is now… Read more »

Major Tom

He’s in China’s back pocket………

old white guy

Canada has been on the road to becoming a police state for a long time now. The latest laws allowing police to interfere in anyone’s life at almost anytime is not something that should be allowed in a free democratic country. Liberal socialists always move towards totalitarianism it is the natural direction of all socialists.

Clive Edwards

If you’re looking for hate, racism, & concentration camps, look at China, look at Israel. If you are looking for hate, racism and death from above, look at NATO’s wars in the Middle East and Yugoslavia. If you are looking for hate, racism and regime change look at Central and South America. If you are looking for puppet regimes that go along with all of the above, look at Europe, Canada and Mexico.

William Jones

The question was: “Why is Trudeau silent on Communist China’s concentration camps”? And I seriously suggest the answer is obvious. If he gets elected in October, building such camps is on his ‘do do’ list — discussing it now and taking the chance of making a mistake in his response (as he is so capable of most of the time) would ‘let the cat out of the bag’ and ensure a defeat. You can bet all of his cabinet are on ‘red alert’ in order to not make a mistake. Hey, I might be wrong, eh?


a year later and you are correct. Trudeau is now moving forward with Isolation camps being set up across Canada.

Moe S.

Yes, it is rather odd considering unethical moral on high Trudeau and his kindergarten ministers did not hesitate to call out the Saudi’s, Venezuela, Russia, Philippines, the United States for human rights violations. Hell, Trudeau himself has accused Canada of ‘genocide’ against Indigenous people’s of Canada. I believe the Chinese have something on our water box Prime Minister?


What to expect from a dope head that has communists leaders as idols?

Gloria Saunders

Why is Trudeau and most of the Canadian press and media so quiet on the Canadian citizens that are being detained in Chinese prisons?

Shawn Harris

Here in Canada, Trudeau, the defender of the downtrodden, will mount his white horse and charge ahead with righteous indignation, declaring to protect them and correct whatever has happened to them. Trudeau’s virtue signalling has finally hit the wall of reality and has been exposed as the fraud most Canadians thought it was. Trudeau, parades around the world moralising countries and their leaders , about how Canada is a paragon of virtue and a democratic country that is built upon the rule of law, with equality and respect for rights and freedoms; yet, his courage fails him when it comes… Read more »