FAIL: New Fighter Jets For Canada’s Decrepit Air Force Won’t Be Delivered For Over Half A Decade

A stunningly pathetic and unexplainable delay, considering how old our current fighters are and how desperately they need replacing.

By the time Canada gets even one new fighter jets, the CF-18’s will have been in service for nearly half a century.

That’s because, according to the contract launched by the government to procure new fighter jets, the first new jets won’t be delivered until 2025 at the earliest.

According to Public Services and Procurement Canada, the winning bid won’t even be chosen until 2022, and planes won’t arrive until 3 years later.

This is appalling.

Imagine if we were at war and needed to quickly build up our forces. Does anyone really think it would take over half a decade to get new jets?

And does anyone really think that it’s fair to ask our pilots to fly in decrepit old fighter jets?

Canada should already be buying F-35s, since we participated in the F-35 program with our allies, and the planes will be the best option to integrate with our US allies in NORAD.

Unfortunately, just like the previous Conservative government, the Liberals are unable to get anything done quickly when it comes to procurement for our Canadian Air Force, and as a result we will be stuck with old planes for a long-time.

Lockheed Martin, Saab, Airbus, and Boeing are expected to compete for the contract.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube