FAIL: New Fighter Jets For Canada’s Decrepit Air Force Won’t Be Delivered For Over Half A Decade

A stunningly pathetic and unexplainable delay, considering how old our current fighters are and how desperately they need replacing.

By the time Canada gets even one new fighter jets, the CF-18’s will have been in service for nearly half a century.

That’s because, according to the contract launched by the government to procure new fighter jets, the first new jets won’t be delivered until 2025 at the earliest.

According to Public Services and Procurement Canada, the winning bid won’t even be chosen until 2022, and planes won’t arrive until 3 years later.

This is appalling.

Imagine if we were at war and needed to quickly build up our forces. Does anyone really think it would take over half a decade to get new jets?

And does anyone really think that it’s fair to ask our pilots to fly in decrepit old fighter jets?

Canada should already be buying F-35s, since we participated in the F-35 program with our allies, and the planes will be the best option to integrate with our US allies in NORAD.

Unfortunately, just like the previous Conservative government, the Liberals are unable to get anything done quickly when it comes to procurement for our Canadian Air Force, and as a result we will be stuck with old planes for a long-time.

Lockheed Martin, Saab, Airbus, and Boeing are expected to compete for the contract.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Dave Shirlaw

They also claim construction of new ships will start in 2020s but current fleet has to stay in service until 2040s. Trudeau has no intention of buying either program.


When a manufacturer makes a donation to the truedope foundation things will happen.


Jets are absolete now that technology has changed…
Our bodies were never designed for the torque and speeds that unmanned aircraft and missiles can achieve now.
Does the military have any drones?
Have not heard of any new technologies being incorporated in our military.
The US has a vast problem of outdated equipment and poorly designed jets and death traps aircraft carriers that are outdated to new technologies.


Even if the government decides to buy the new planes.What kind of defence will that be to us.Chinese Huawei is controlling our communications.Our Prime minister is globe trotting and giving all our money away so freely where is the money going to come from.


Where is the money coming from?? Trudeau said there is never any problem for money as Canada had a good credit rating. That means he will borrow as much as he can get away with and make today’s school kids try to make the payments. Payments they will try to make if there is any of their paycheques left after the Trudeau Climate Tax.


We raised, trained, and equipped a Navy, an Army, and an Air Force – about a million citizens combined, from a total national population of just over 11,000,000 – and helped to win the Battle of Britain and Battle of the Atlantic, raided Dieppe, invaded and fought through Italy, France, Holland, and Germany, and made a major contribution to defeating Nazi Germany in little more time than this, and in only a FRACTION of the time spent on this whole debacle. Everything knowable about the contenders is already known. There is no need to waste more time. We made a… Read more »

Major Tom

It’s not about fighters…….it’s about destroying the Canadian Armed Forces…….


SNC, Davie and Bombadeer come instantly to mind.

SNC seems to have been thrown off the World Bank approved company list for a few decades.

David Henley

Our government has never taken our country for anything but it’s tax dollars. Poor and weak politicians have destroyed this country. Liberal politics on both liberal and conservative governments have taken its toll on this country. Time for a real change and put in a government that will put Canada first. The PPC has the plan and the courage to do just that. It is not up too the old parties who do nothing.


I wonder why anyone would want to risk their life serving this country while this treasonous clown is our leader. This would be the same treasonous clown who insults and back-stabs our best friend and ally, the real reason we are safe on this continent.

Clive Edwards

Why are we still talking about manned fighter jets? I thought the whole reason for getting rid of the Avro Arrow program was that fighters were obsolete and missiles were the way to go? Let’s not forget that the Avro Arrow program was supported by the Liberal government of the day and killed by the Conservatives, who instead paid the Americans to put BOMARC missiles in Canada.

Big Priest'

Is anyone even surprised?

alexander jack

If Bombadeer was the contractor of the F35 we would have at least 500 by now.

Doug Maenpaa

Good. Keep the remaining CF18s here , for border patrol.

It makes me sick that our military equipment was used to destroy Libya, and Syrian infrastructure…bridges, power plants etc…..if thats what were gonna do, less of that stuff is better.