ELECTION INTERFERENCE: Trudeau PMO Wanted To Control Former Ambassador David Mulroney’s China Remarks, Citing “Election Environment”

Liberal government once again tries to manipulate information to hold onto power.

The Trudeau PMO reportedly sought to control statements made by former Canadian Ambassador to China David Mulroney.

And their reason?

The “election environment.”

That’s the stunning revelation in a report (paywalled) by Robert Fife & Steven Chase.

According to the report, David Mulroney – Canada’s Ambassador to China from 2009-2012, says Paul Thoppil, the assistant deputy minister for Asia-Pacific at Global Affairs, told him he was passing on a message from the Trudeau PMO, asking him to ‘clear’ his comments on the ongoing dispute with China with them first.

While the Liberals will obviously try to downplay this and pretend it’s no big deal, Mulroney makes clear that he was “deeply concerned” by the attempt to control what he said:

Mulroney has said he doesn’t want to be “silenced or co-opted,” and noted that discouraging experts from speaking is “fundamentally an undemocratic idea.”

This whole thing is deeply disturbing.

It once again shows the authoritarian, anti-democratic impulses of the Trudeau Liberals, and once again shows how opposed they are to freedom of speech.

This is textbook Election Interference.

The Trudeau Liberals are trying to restrict what private citizens say in order to boost their electoral chances.

If they had stuck to concerns about ensuring a unified message from Canada, they could have had at least an arguable point, though even in that case the government has no right to control what a private citizen – and former diplomat with knowledge on the issue – says. But to bring up the “election environment” gives away the game. For the Liberals, it’s not about Canada’s national interests, it’s not about the safety of detained Canadians. It’s all about politics.

We can’t stand for that.

Trudeau’s election interference must be opposed and defeated, and his weak policy towards China must be reversed and replaced with strength.

You can read the post at the link below: (Note, the article is behind a Paywall)

Read the full Fife & Chase report here

Spencer Fernando