BREAKING: Unconfirmed Reports Say Shots Fired In York Landing

UPDATE: Earlier unconfirmed reports on social media said the suspects were either caught or surrounded. The RCMP has released a NEW UPDATE, saying nobody is in custody at this time – Read about it HERE.

Earlier updates are below…


This is based on what some locals and others are saying on social media. The Bear Clan is said to have helped in the search.

There are unconfirmed reports on social media that the two suspects at the centre of a nation-wide manhunt have either been surrounded or captured in York Landing.

There were also reports that shots have been fired.

Again, it must be emphasized that these reports are unconfirmed. That said, I am sharing the Tweets below in the interest of public information.

Here’s what people are saying:

“Locals on the ground in York Landing say 2 men thought to be the fugitive teenagers spotted by Bear Clan members. They men ran into the bush, pursued by armed locals. York Landing resident heard 3 shots fired. Others now say the 2 suspects have been caught.”

There are reports people have been told to stay inside:

Some media have tried reaching out to locals to glean more information:

Others have pointed out that the news at this point is sketchy:

Again, I must again note that these reports are unconfirmed.

More to come…

Spencer Fernando